Friday, June 17, 2016

Anti-Gun Liberals Don't Understand Natural Rights or Basic Human Instinct

I'm going to try and break this down as simply as I can. This is an attempt to get through to liberals that think law abiding Americans shouldn't be allowed to own firearms.

Owning a firearm is at its most fundamental core a symbol and tool of my right to self defense. As simple as that sounds, it is apparently lost on liberals.

Let me break it down further. Basic human instinct, God given instinct is designed for self-preservation. That is how we have survived for thousands of years. Not because we diligently gave grown adults "safe-spaces", no, it is because we have instinctual actions and reactions that help ensure our survival.

The most basic is the instinctual response when being attacked or threatened, by anything, I mean anything. Say it with me, those instincts are often referred to as "fight or flee" instincts. With me so far? In any scenario I am psychologically hard-wired to react instinctively when threatened.

The absolute importance of this cannot be understated because this instinct also exists in bad guys when perpetrating unspeakable acts of horror on innocent people. Why does this matter? Let's start small. Have you ever been pestered by a simple little bumble bee? What did you do, freeze, cower, stand still & hope it doesn't sting you? NO! Your instinct was to swat at it. When you swat at that pesky little bumble bee was there a response, anything at all? Yes, the bee adjusted to avoid your swat, thereby diverting its attention away from continuing to harass you. It was instantaneously forced into defense, a split second automatic reaction based on thousands of years of existence, hard-wired into almost every being on earth.

So what does that have to do with my right to own a firearm? A deranged lunatic walks into a gun free zone and starts slaughtering unarmed people. He has absolutely zero concern about his own safety so he can focus all of his attention on his slaughter. What happens if ONE person steps up, points a gun at him and fires a single shot? Instantaneously the dynamics change and the lunatic is now automatically, without any thought whatsoever forced into his automatic defense mechanism and attempts to react to the now incoming gun fire. At that very instance lives have been spared, immediately, no thought, no reaction, no thinking, bam just like that he is moving his weapon away from what would have been his next victim.

Maybe the guy with the handgun kills the lunatic, maybe he doesn't. There is no guaranteed outcome, but in that single moment lives are spared, that is undeniable. Not only that, now the lunatic has to focus on a single target, the shooter. You are the bumble bee and he is now forced to try and swat you away so he can get back to his carnage. This is life or death stuff and is absolutely terrifying. But in that moment, the person drawing his gun on the lunatic has made a potentially life or death decision to try and protect those being slaughtered. He (or she) has responded to the fight instinct, while those without weapons are usually rendered helpless and usually attempt to flee where possible. This response makes their life or death a game of mere chance, luck, the law of numbers that he will not get to you by the time you are able to escape. The flee option is good, and there are times when it is the appropriate response, but it is no match for firearms.

Let me say that again because it is a critical factor in this ridiculous debate that we shouldn't even be having. Just as I will automatically swat at a bee that comes at me to sting me, I will also automatically have the survival instinct to jump to the defense of those in danger, any danger, for any reason, at any time. That is the fight response that is hard-wired into me. If I am standing in that room, with that lunatic mowing people down in front of me, my instinct will be to stop him by any means necessary. Without a gun my odds are limited, although many in that situation will still try and it's absolutely heroic and simultaneously heart breaking. But with the gun I can now force the lunatic to either stand and return fire with me, taking the fire away from innocent and unarmed people, or choose option 2 of the fight or flee options, which is what most lunatics will do because they are usually cowards, they will turn and run.

It really is that simple. There are many many threats to our basic safety, especially in the age of radical Islam, but this applies to any maniac with a gun, and have no doubt if there is a maniac out there that wants to kill innocent people he will find a way, gun or otherwise. The gun is not the problem, the maniac is.

It is absolutely essential that those that have the protective sheep-dog instinct are allowed to obtain the necessary tools to assure peoples safety wherever that happens to be. Liberals may find this hard to believe since part of the psychosis of liberalism is self-indulgent narcissism which affords them little regard for the value of anyone's life except their own, but there really are people out there that will risk their lives to save others - lots of them. That too is part of our instinct and has been a source of protection and survival for thousands of years. There will always be wolves, so we must be allowed to meet their force with equal force and firearms is that equalizer. Without them we are just sheep being led to slaughter, because make no mistake about this, the only people the politicians want to disarm are the sheep and the sheep dogs, they themselves are part of the wolves that we need to protect ourselves from.

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