Sunday, October 28, 2012

Benghazi: We The People Must Never Relent

The #Benghazi story is obviously huge, and the lack of forceful investigative journalism (except for Fox News) only magnifies the perilous times we live in. We The People are not being honestly, fairly or adequately represented by our elected officials. Our only recourse and power seems to be the pull of a lever every 2 years.

What I'm about to say is not meant to sound controversial, nor am I suggesting that anyone do anything other than everything in their power to effect the right outcome with each precious vote that we cast. However, at this moment in time the singular act of casting my vote as a response to our current circumstances, Benghazigate and beyond, seems woefully inadequate in the face of overwhelming corruption, deceit, murder and lies at the highest levels of our government.

The watchdogs of power - ABCNews, CBSNews, NBCNews, and CNN have abandoned their posts and left the American people to fend for themselves. We are being subjected to a lawlessness and brazenness that is nearly incomprehensible to me, and increasingly destructive to our country, our natural born rights, our freedom and possibly even our safety. Given all that we face, voting seems insignificant as a response.

However, that is what we have to work with. We The People are also the ones responsible for allowing things to get this bad. We cannot fix this on November 6th, but we can take a step towards a solution. I have come to realize that I must spend every day for the rest of my life fighting to do everything in my limited power to repel the radicals that seek to destroy America, and to stand firmly on the side of the Angels, praying for a better tomorrow, for the sake of the children of this country and for the millions around the world that look to America as a symbol of our inherent freedoms. Inherent freedoms that much blood has been shed to protect.

We cannot let them win. We cannot turn our backs on all of this. That is what they want, that is what they are counting on. Never relent, never retreat from the never ending battle for the heart and soul not just of America, but of humanity. That is what America means to me, and I suspect to many others, here at home, and around the world. we are not just defending our nation, we are defending the ideals that America has represented throughout its reletively short history. We do not want to be the generation that turns the country over to the tyrants and radicals of today. We want to be remembered as the generation that defended and ultimately beat back those tyrannts. We want to be the generation that salvages all that America once was and hands it over, albeit with a few bumps and bruises, to the next generation to care for and protect.

Ronald Reagan said it best - "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." Well, we have been handed a lousy hand, and all we have is seemingly insignificant individual political power that we are able to exercise every two years. If we can reclaim all that has been lost within those parameters of power and influence, it will surely be remembered as a noble and worthy undertaking in the writings of history. 


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