Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some California ‘Meter Maids’ Are Making Nearly $100K a Year

"There have been calls to partially automate and privatize the positions, but Hermosa Beach Police Chief Steve Johnson and Councilman Howard Fishman are seemingly opposed to eliminating any union jobs, whatever the cost to taxpayers."

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Therein lies the inherent conflict between the union mentality and the free market. And what better place to spread this inefficient and destructive mentality than the public sector. There is no profit motive and everything is negotiable as long as you can slip it past the voters.

The public sector has become a tool for the socialists to accomplish their wealth redistribution goals. The taxpayers are the ones with the jobs, working in a competitive environment for a competitive wage, being forced to fork over ever increasing amounts to satisfy the endless demands of the union bosses.

It makes absolutely no sense to pay an unskilled laborer almost $100,000 a year with full retirement and medical benefits, unless of course you view this through the socialist eye, then it makes perfect sense.

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