Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Attack Ad Targeting Allen West Depicts Him Beating Women

“West has socked it to seniors”
“He’s whacked women with his votes”
“He’s mauled middle class families"
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The insanity of the left will go just about as far as the American public is foolish enough to believe. And that unfortunately appears to be pretty far.

Allen West is beating up old ladies.

Mitt Romney killed a steel workers wife.

And Barack Obama has once again reduced the office of the Presidency to new lows by peddling free contraceptives to American women in an effort to win their support. Really, the POTUS is out on the campaign trail actually peddling free contraceptives. What an embarrassment.

But when you have no rules to follow, except that there are no rules, nothing is off the table. These maniacs will say and do whatever is necessary to accomplish their objective of maintaining power and further unleashing their radical agenda on this country.

Every bit of the effort from the left is aimed at one thing, and it is always this way. It is aimed at destroying the character of their opponent and demonizing them in the public's eye. Rules of warfare call for demonizing your enemy to win the support of your followers. That's how you win support for your cause, not based on the merits of the cause, destroy the enemy at any cost. Therefore, Mitt Romney is an evil rich guy that steals from poor hard working Americans. Forget the issues, go after the individual.

Remember, it is of means and ends, the Alinsky way. So if the end justifies the means, truth has no meaning and anything can be said or done as long as it furthers the objective. We are not dealing with reasonable people, there is nothing to debate on these issues and maybe someday the Republicans will learn how to successfully counter these constant character assassination attacks.

It isn't hard, it just takes a better understanding of the game that is being played. Republicans are too busy trying to be nice and defend the constant negative attacks, which thereby give the lies and distortions credibility, just by their mere attempts at defending themselves against them.

As I write about in my eBook "The Insanity of Liberalism" the very first objective of a conservative is to immediately stop the false argument from gaining traction and moving forward. That is the rebuttal, not a defensive response, but an offensive attack against the illegitimacy of the lie. Defense of oneself against the claims of the lie, only furthers the lie and helps ingrain the subject into the minds of the average American not paying very close attention. It's a subtle, almost hypnotic, type of technique and it works.

As Alinsky says, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. So as long as the conversation is about whether or not Romney or West, or any other Conservative is evil - which is the conversation when they are defending themselves against false claims - it furthers the agenda and the subtle impression that becomes the dominate impression in the minds of the least engaged voters.

And that is what liberalism is counting on, the least involved voter showing up on election day to push their guy across the finish line without having barely a shred of real information or understanding about what or who they are voting for. All by design thanks to the left.

Republicans need to take a verbal self-defense course on how to deal with the barrage of Alinsky tactics unleashed on them on a daily basis. These are not isolated events. It is real, it is right out of the radical communist revolutionary playbook and all die-hard liberals with a voice operate using these tactics. Therein lies the INSANITY of it all!

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