Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Insanity of Liberalism

Below is an excerpt from the eBook "The Insanity of Liberalism"

"Your inaction is what they are counting on, since that is how it has been for most of their battle the last hundred years. Sure, there are plenty people involved, but I am not just trying to reach them. I’m also trying to reach the everyday folks that have never been involved in politics and just would rather not bother. That is a luxury none of us can afford any longer. The founding Fathers had to make some tough choices, now too, so do we have to make some tough choices. If we fail to get more involved, fail to act I absolutely believe that the Obama administration will have the mechanisms in place by the end of his first term to ensure permanent majorities, and that means permanent liberal rule. Capitalist America will be destroyed and replaced by the far lefts version of Socialism, with a heavy dose of social justice and equal outcomes for all.

That is their end game and this book will show you how they have done it. Piece by piece, from every little conversation you have with neighbors about issues, right up to the false reality that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all of their many accomplices are trying to sell this country on today. It is all lies, all a very carefully crafted picture to keep you quietly complacent. The media is on board and they perpetuate the false story every day. I see so many people that fall for it, that are influenced, even manipulated by it. Once you read this book you will hopefully be able to watch with a different eye, understanding that it is a trick, a trick to keep you duped into believing their version of reality. Once you begin to see the cracks, it all falls apart eventually and you are reborn with crystal clear vision about exactly what they are doing and how." 

Your support is greatly appreciated. We are all responsible for how things are, and how things are going to be. We must fight every single day against the forces of tyranny and oppression that are gathering against us. This is a fact, our world will be forever changed if we do not act now, every day to push back against the evil intentions of the left.

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