Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farrakhan Laments: ‘Sad That Mexico Lost California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico‘ Through American ’Trickery’; Soon Whites ‘Will Be the Minority’ In the Country They ‘Took’

"Farrakhan noted that white people will soon be the minority in their own country that they took from the native people.  He also projected that minorities will soon become governor of every state.”

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A generation from now, when "white people" are the minority, will they then qualify for minority status treatment and entitlements? Will they then be able to accuse the majority ethnicity of racism every time something bad happens to them? Will hate crime legislation apply whenever there is a white victim of a crime?

These are just a few of the things that I was wondering as I read the attached article. Not to mention just exactly how will the current minorities govern over the future minorities when they are in power? Will it all be about fairness and equality as it is now? Or will it be about justice for all of the past crimes committed by the evil "white people" throughout all of recorded history? I'll put my money on the latter.

We have seen by the actions of the Obama administration under the direction of the AG Eric Holder just exactly what the prevailing attitude will be. It was clear from day one that Holder was not interested in pursuing black on white crime, and that has set a precedent that has led to increasing violence in cities all across the country. Mobs of blacks regularly descend upon unsuspecting whites and inflict incredible harm and violence, with hardly a mention by our complicit media. There is a connection, it starts from the top and this violence will only escalate until the message from the top changes and the growing mobs feel the threat of either retaliation or legal prosecution.

Thank you liberal agenda for fueling the race war, for relentlessly pounding the victim ideology into the heads of any minority group that will take you seriously, for doing everything in your power to destroy traditional American culture (by tying it to whites only). After all, that is the end goal, to destroy traditional American culture, to destroy any connection to God or morality in our culture so that they can rule with the merciless vengeance that is hiding just below the surface of every lying, two-bit, liberal hack that currently holds public office.

Farrakhan is just another of their seemingly endless supply of useful idiots. Just wait till these guys have the power to impose their will on all of us, brace yourselves.

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