Monday, August 1, 2011

Politico: The Tea Party's Terrorist Tactics

Politico holds nothing back in this recent article, attacking every-day Americans that agree with Tea Party principles as "terrorists." That's right, with the recent Norway massacre they now feel they have the necessary vehicle to make that label stick. They are wrong on principle, wrong on direction, wrong on everything, so they seek to destroy the credibility of all whom they oppose. Saul Alinsky tactics at work as usual.

Click here for original Politico article

Click here for Limbaugh response to Politico article

Never underestimate their ability to frame the narrative. While the average self-identified conservative American can see right through this Alinsky style propaganda, there are far to many unaware Americans that are blindly influenced by this rhetoric. The simple truth is that it does work. Like it or not, believe it or not, it works. It worked on framing public perception of Sarah Palin - the mere mention of her name is almost toxic around those who do not know the truth, it worked on Glenn Beck - look what constant smearing did to the advertising base of his show on FOX, and it has had an affect in nearly every conversation had where public opinion is present.

That doesn't mean they will be successful in stopping the Tea Party. Just as they have not been successful in stopping Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. But there are perhaps millions of Americans that will continue to be difficult to reach with the truth, so long as they continue to remain passively involved and take their cues form the liberal mainstream media talking points.

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