Friday, April 8, 2011


Here are just a few of the headlines being made as the liberals put on a full frontal assault in an attempt to demonize their enemy in order to gain political advantage as the budget showdown entered into its final day today. Below are just a few of the gems they unleashed onto the public:

NANCY PELOSI - Calls GOP Budget "A war on Women"
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NANCY PELOSI - Six million seniors will go without meals because of Republican budget cuts
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JESSE JACKSON - declares federal budget fight the American Civil War all over again

OBAMA - Threatens to veto troop funding extension
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HARRY REID - Says Republicans want to prevent women from getting cancer screenings, close clinics, that it is indefensible and everyone should be outraged

ELEANOR HOLMES (Delegate - DC) - Equates potential Government shutdown with bombing innocent civilians
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Facebook page calls for dumping trash at Boehner's house
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This is who they are, mean, nasty, spiteful, manipulative, evil, despicable, power hungry, destructive vermin. They don't care about seniors, they don't care about women's healthcare rights, they don't care about hungry children or seniors, they only care about unleashing their madness, their lunatic liberal radical communist oppresive tyranny on YOU!!! Don't ever doubt this for one second. Nobody that they disagree with is safe as long as they have the potential to gain absolute power. We cannot EVER let this happen. Our country, our children and our future depend on it, right here, right now.

Everything they are accusing the Republicans of they would do in a heartbeat if they thought it would help them gain power over you. If they ever have it you will starve - and they won't care, you will be broke - and they won't care, you will be ill and need healthcare - AND THEY WON'T CARE! They want total power to dominate and rule over this country.

These monsters worship the most evil, radical, oppessive tyrannts of history openly, that should tell you everything you need to know. They are EVIL and it is self-evident right now as they spew their endless vile onto an unsuspecting public that needs to WAKE UP! This tactic cannot be allowed to prevail. They count on it and it has worked for decades. It is up to us, to you, to speak to anyone and everyone, every chance you get to wake people up, to help them realize we are dealing with a real and dangerous enemy in our country that has been gliding mostly under the radar for decades.

God help us.

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