Sunday, March 6, 2011

Story of Stuff Producer at it Again, Critique of Story of Citizens United Case

The propagandists are at it again, producing yet another rant about the evil of corporations. Annie Leanord, in the same style as "The Story of Stuff" video lectures on about how evil corporations are and how powerful they have become at the expense of the American People.

Her message is intended to convince viewers that the Citizens United case that allows corporations to contribute during elections is wrong and bad, and that everything these evil corporations do somehow works against the best interest of the people. She fails to mention anything about the power and influence that labor unions have over the election process, and how they spend hundreds of millions of dollars during elections assuring that their guy is elected.

This is just one more, one sided, ideological pitch to indoctrinate children into the anti-capitalsit world view that is running rampant in our culture these days.

Click here to go to the Story of Stuff website if you are not familiar with this issue. The original video has already been shown to children in schools across the country. This is not just an internet person attempting to promote their twisted worldview. She has traction and funding and is influencing young minds every day across the country.

And, as you can see here she has over 116,000 fans on Facebook.

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