Monday, March 21, 2011

Palin Warns of China's Rise in Visit to India

Sarah Palin is rapidly advancing her cause for a possible run in 2012. She has recently taken clear, unequivocal positions on key foreign policy issues, and been correct. As usual, she doesn't seem to be holding back, something that I find refreshing in this political climate of constant calculations and half-truths. She will look you in the eyes and tell you what she thinks, like this comment from the attached article:

"I will not sit back and take media criticism," Palin said. "Too often, Republicans, I don't know, they kind of have the fighting instinct of sheep."
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You go that right! Punch them right between the eyes and maybe, just maybe, they will come to life and get the message. The Republicans are afraid to fight - politically speaking - and that needs to change, immediately. I could care less about someone's polish, or their credentials, or this or that other thing that the media uses to build one candidate up or tear another down, as they have with Sarah Palin from day one. I want a President that speaks the truth, does what they say they are going to do and DEFENDS THE COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION relentlessly.

That means illegal immigration, the Cordoba House, big fat over-powerful labor unions, crony capitalism from Wall Street to DC, and more. I want someone that first and foremost can convince me that they are there to represent ME the American citizen, above all else. Nobody on the political horizon has convinced me more of that one primary point more than Sarah Palin has. And for that, she will definitely have my attention if she chooses to run in 2012.

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