Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Lashing Out - From Wisconsin to Capitol Hill Muslim Hearings

The liberals are in full swing these days as they try to adjust to the new reality, the one where they no longer have universal power over all of us to cram their radical agenda down our throats. From the hearings that Rep. King is moving forward with to the Wisconsin Capitol building being overrun and damaged to the tune of millions of dollars.

Just look at how they are acting at even the relatively small issues of the day. They absolutely freak out, so just wait until we get to the really big stuff. We will be looking at full scale, riots in the streets, tear gas type stuff. Oh, and people will probably get seriously injured. These people have little regard for any form of human life that is not in complete agreement with their twisted world views.

Click hear for article - Liberals condemn Muslim hearings on radicalization in the U.S.

And of course the media will be cheering them on all the way, champions of the little guy, the underdogs, the poor oppressed masses that are being victimized by these radical Republican evil-doers. Oh, it will be quiet the circus, and unfortunately public opinion will probably be influenced by their antics. Forget reality, this is all about perception, and the liberals have that part mastered.

Click here for article - Wisconsin lawmakers receive death threat letter

It is going to get rough between now and the next election, and beyond if true conservatives actually get elected and follow through with their promises, as Gov. Walker is doing right now.

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