Friday, September 17, 2010

Conservatives – Standing on Principles, and Winning

“Although a republican government is slow to move, yet when once in motion, its momentum becomes irresistible. “ - Thomas Jefferson

The victory of Christine O’Donnell over establishment RINO Republican Senator Mike Castle may serve as a flash point to further fuel the fire of conservatism racing across the country since Obama was elected and began enacting the most radical liberal agenda in history. In this current election cycle race after race has exposed the establishment Republicans as anything but conservative. Mike Castle, seen consulting with Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden the day after his defeat, should provide all the evidence needed to understand where the loyalty of the so-called moderate Republicans is.

Other Republican establishment voices have come out criticizing O’Donnell, sounding more like liberal hacks than Republican statesmen. Karl Rove for example unleashed a litany of smears about O’Donnell during his discussion of the election with Shawn Hannity that went viral and lit a firestorm of debate regarding who exactly stands for who, and what their motives are. Rove’s argument is that O’Donnell is too conservative and therefore, in a state that leans left, is unelectable in the general election come November. As a result the Republicans will not pick up that key seat needed if they wish to gain a majority in the upcoming election.

Rove has exposed the root of the problem with the establishment Republicans. They seek power at all cost, regardless of principle. His primary objective is to help Republicans occupy a majority of seats in the Senate, regardless of each individual candidate’s principles or positions. That Mike Castle voted for Cap-n-tax, a piece of legislation more far reaching and destructive to the very foundations of this country than even Obamacare, is of little concern to establishment Republicans like Rove. That Castle will continue to sell out Republican principles, as Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins have done repeatedly, is of little concern to him. Holding the majority, and therefore the greatest power is his main objective.

By allowing these so-called Republicans into the Party, the establishment has compromised its principles and continually provides fuel for the left to continue on its path down the road to big government socialism. How many times has a liberal used the argument that George Bush did it as an excuse for their big spending actions? The liberal/progressives have infected the Republican Party and repeatedly “break the rules” that traditional Republicans are supposed to stand for. And true to the Alinsky tactic of making them break their own rules, the liberal Democrats then beat them over the head with this and it works masterfully. The Republican brand is worth very little right now for this primary reason and the rolls of independents have swelled as a result.

Until the Republican Party stops listening to the liberal/progressive establishment that has perpetuated the lie that the only way to win elections is to be “moderate”, a code word for liberal, the Party will be weak and continue to lose members. The Tea Party is forcing the establishment Republican Party to take a stand, and people like Karl Rove are doing just that. This is all very good for the Party because until those liberal/progressive Republicans that are hiding behind their party affiliation are exposed and forced to take a position, the party will suffer. We now know where Rove stands. Yes, he is a conservative, but he is not willing to stand on principle and therefore is less trustworthy. He now has a choice to make; indifference to core principles cannot be tolerated.

The lie of the moderate Republican must be exposed for what it really is, a liberal with an (R) next to their name, and it does nothing to strengthen the party. Democrat President John F Kennedy was more conservative than moderate Republicans of today. This is just another example of the creeping “liberal incrementalism” that has been dragging this country steadily to the left for decades. Everyday Americans like most Tea Party activists are by today’s standards considered “extreme.” It is time to start dragging the country back to the right, one screaming liberal at a time.

The Republican Party is the party that stands for small government, individual freedom & personal responsibility, and adherence to the constitution. These are core principles that cannot be compromised to win elections. That is exactly what helped get us where we are. George Bush lost his way, compromised conservative principles and as a result sold the Republican Party out to be used as the scapegoat for everything that has gone wrong in this country over the last several years.

No more deficits, no more bail outs, no more expanded entitlement programs, no more pandering to special interests for votes. It is time to take a stand, a stand on traditional conservative principles and succeed or fail based on those principles. I’m willing to bet that the good and decent people of America will enthusiastically get on board once the liberal/progressive lies are exposed and they see the traditional/conservative principles for what they are and what they mean and have meant to this country.

Americans are speaking up and standing on principles, and momentum is gaining. Yes, it is a slow moving process. We did not march on Washington last February with torches and pitchforks after Obama and his radical cronies passed the $482 billion Omnibus and the $787 billion stimulus, an act of reckless disregard that triggered the rise of the Tea Party. No, we have gathered our forces and will use the political process to affect change. It has been an excruciating year and a half as we have been forced to witness such thievery, hostility and treasonous behavior from what can only be described as the most radical administration in our history. But, unlike the Alinsky radicals that have infiltrated every level of our culture and government, we respect the rule of law and our constitution and will resolve these differences accordingly.

We are perhaps witnessing what will one day be looked back on as the awakening of America that rescued it from the 100 year march of progressivism that has been destroying its history, culture and greatness. November 2010 is a watershed moment that will not mark the end of anything, but it is most certainly the beginning of something.

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