Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Tyranny, Like Hell, is Not Easily Conquered" - Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine understood what the founding fathers were up against as they considered their battle for independence. What we are witnessing these days is nothing short of hell on earth, of tyranny of the majority, and our battle to conquer this tyranny is only beginning.

With her ruling today, Judge Susan Bolton has ruled that it is illegal to attempt to enforce current immigration law, and thereby protect American citizens from the multitude of risks and costs associated with the illegal immigration epidemic that this country is facing. With her ruling she has ignored the will of the American people and revealed her activist agenda by referring and responding to much of the hype and propaganda about the bill, not the true substance of the bill. This yet another in a long line of activist decisions handed down by the liberal judicial system, in an effort to create public policy by force, not by the people’s choice or will.

The liberal establishment learned long ago that it could circumvent the will of the people by going through the courts to impose public policy that conformed to its agenda. In this case, the agenda is to weaken border enforcement to allow for the mass immigration from the south to secure a permanent majority of voters so that they can implement their radical agenda over the will of the people. To date, the opposition has been slandered and marginalized, and if the radicals in power achieve their permanent voting majority you can rest assured that the Tea Party and all who are connected to it will be demonized, ignored and even persecuted into submission so that they can accomplish their 100 year march toward socialism. Their tyranny is upon us.

This is but the opening salvo in what will prove to be a long and difficult battle to restore this country to constitutional principles and respect for the rule of law. This opening battle appears for the moment to have been lost. This defeat should not be surprising given the breadth and scope of influence the liberal establishment has achieved. Let this be yet another in the long line of actions taken by the left that provides fuel to the fire of opposition. Let this also be further evidence of the magnitude of the problem this country faces. They have destroyed our borders, polluted the minds of our children, pit class against class and race against race. They work tirelessly to destroy our history, our culture, our families and values. They spread lies as truths and have made what was once bad good. They can only be described as evil, having no social or moral compass, pursuing their agenda at any and all cost.

Has there ever been a country that has been so purposefully negligent in its enforcement of established borders? How is it possible that America has become the place that ANYONE, from ANYWHERE can walk across our borders and start a life without any repercussion? This is national suicide. This is the purposeful destruction of our national sovereignty. The ruling class wants America as it has existed for over 200 years to be destroyed in order to impose a new world order. This is not negligence, this is an absolute and coordinated assault on a sovereign nation by its own political rulers.

This is now a war between the ruling elite and the American citizens that want this country preserved. We are not a people accustomed to warfare of any kind. We have mostly been working hard in our own lives and communities trying to live out our version of the American dream. We have not asked to be thrust into this battle, but circumstances no longer allow us the comfort of ignorance. If we do not act now and for as long as it takes to rid our government, our courts, our media, our educational system and any place else where this vile liberal disease exists, this once great nation will be destroyed.

It is with great hope that I dare say that we are witnessing the end of their hundred year march through this country and culture and the beginning of a new march. Let it be a march toward freedom and the restoration of the American way where classes and races are not divided against each other, where you are judged by the content of your character – not the color of your skin or your political affiliation, where our children learn the true history of this once great country – a history full of promise and hope, of the American Dream, where order is restored and the will of the people is respected, where our elected representatives understand their place in society and don’t abuse their power to their gain and our loss.

Let us begin this march today, using this temporary setback as a benchmark to measure where we are, and more importantly – where the opposition is. They have fully revealed themselves to us. They are socialists, communist, revolutionaries, racists and tyrants. They have fed at the trough of freedom at our expense and now want us to remain silent while they implement the final stage of their grand strategy. But our march should serve as notice to them, we are not hiding and we are coming for them. Not by force, not through military or violent means. No, that is not who we are. We are coming for them in plain sight in the light of day.

We will not back down, no matter how loud, angry, ugly, rude, insulting, violent or radical they act to intimidate or scare us into silence. No, we are here to stay, we are awake and we will no longer stand by idly, entrusting those we thought were looking out for us to do the right thing, to represent our opinions, our views, our hopes and dreams. They have failed us and must now be held accountable for their actions. The ruling class that no longer represents us will be voted out of office, one by one, for as long as it takes to get it right. In their place will be patriots of freedom and the American way. Citizens of this Republic that still respect the oath of office and the rule of law. They will be given one chance to support the American people and American history and culture and any deviation from that will cost them their political career. We must show no mercy or compromise on this point.

This is going to require diligence and active participation. We can no longer turn away once our vote has been cast. We must engage regularly to be sure our values and ideals are being upheld. We can no longer tolerate the politics of the past where things are said to get elected, or politicians say one thing then do another. We must demand integrity and honesty, no exceptions. We must ignore the screaming from the radicals and press forward, the louder they scream the more evidence that should serve that we are moving in the right direction. Any compromise with this radical and destructive element must be denounced. They are not our friends and they have proven over and over that they do not have our best interests at heart. They are the enemy and need to be marginalized and driven out of the arenas of power and influence.

No society in world history ever survived by giving their enemy a seat at the table to negotiate the future of the country. There can be no exception here, these radical elements are the enemy and now that they have come out of hiding and shown us who they really are, what they really stand for and are trying to do to this country, we must look at them for who they are – the enemy, and treat them accordingly. We can no longer afford the luxury of civility, this is political, social, cultural and economic warfare and we need to have that at the forefront of our mind each and every day.

Do not relent, do not retreat and do not fall for their tricks. There is nothing left to discuss, we know what they want and we disagree, end of conversation. We will now go about our business to achieve our goals and objectives, regardless of their opinions, their attacks, their intimidation, their lies, their protests or their objections. We will press forward without them and go about the business of restoring this country and culture to be what it was intended to be, created by our forefathers and handed down to them by God, with his mercy and guidance. We will restore America as the Shining City on the Hill for the world to look to for inspiration in their pursuit of freedom and democracy.

This is the task to which we have been called, let us begin the long march towards our future and towards the restoration of this once great country to its rightful place as the beacon of freedom, hope and prosperity.

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