Friday, July 30, 2010

Religious Persecution is Only the Beginning

Augusta State University graduate student Jen Keeton has been told that she must change her beliefs about Christianity or be subject to expulsion before completing her education and receiving her degree. School administrators demanded she go through a remediation program after she asserted her belief that homosexuality is a behavioral choice and not a state of being. The remediation program was to include “sensitivity training” on homosexual issues, literature promoting homosexuality and the plan that she attend a gay pride parade and report on it.

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While the root cause of homosexuality can be argued, for any American living under the rules of law handed down in the Constitution and deemed inherited as natural rights from God, to be demanded to think a certain way or be otherwise persecuted in some manner, especially as it relates to strongly held religious beliefs, is as intolerant, prejudice and Un-American as it gets. This is not about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong. This is about the freedom to hold a belief, any belief, about anything without fear of persecution, especially religious persecution. Our founding fathers left Europe to free themselves from religious persecution, and gave us the first amendment so that we could hold these beliefs without persecution.

The action of the school administrators reveals the true nature of the liberal pathology and their agenda. How is this any less oppressive than Mao or Stalin? They haven’t begun murdering people yet, but give them absolute power as they are seeking and watch what happens. They have demonstrated repeatedly over the last year and a half that they do not value or respect the will of the people. They have an agenda and it does not include much thought about your success, happiness or well being. They will execute their strategy for a socialist controlled state with or without your cooperation whenever they have enough power to do so. If they are allowed to succeed there is ample history, and recent examples right here in America of the end result. You will be told what to say, what to think, what to BELIEVE, what to drive, how much you are worth, how you will feel about it, EVERYTHING and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING will be under their control and they will force you along or you will suffer severe consequences.

It is up to each of us to study history, true history, of the oppression, suffering, murder and genocidal ways of totalitarian governments. And it is without any doubt that a totalitarian state is where we are headed if the radicals now in power, the liberal maniacs that have taken over the Democratic Party, are allowed to rule without fear of losing their power. If they establish their permanent voting majority as they are attempting to do, they will have that permanent power and we will then see the full extent of their tyrannical ways. We will see rioting in the streets of our inner cities, murder of our uniformed police officers, pillaging of businesses, violent and murderous attacks on the wealthy, persecution of dissenters who are brave enough to challenge their power and authority, and more. People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and millions of other like-minded American citizens will be targets of elimination. DO NOT scoff at what sounds like extreme paranoia! History has proven this fact over and over again, absolute power is murderous! Our founding fathers knew this and laid down their lives and their fortunes to provide an escape from the brutality of history.

We are witnessing the attempted murder of our long established culture and its connection to biblical principles. This is but one important step in the radicals march toward world communism. As Muslims demand adherence to Islam, so too will these radical communist progressive liberals demand adherence to and tolerance of their sacred principles, or face forced re-education, persecution or worse. They are no better than the religious fanatics that demand adherence to their religious beliefs, requiring submission or punishment, even death. This is oppression and tyranny, thought control and terror. This maniacal demand is as inhumane as all other forms of oppression that we as humans have been forced to witness throughout history. Only now it is appearing in the last bastion of freedom and democracy – America.

The tyrants of hell are among us. But because they look like us, act like us and dress like us we have been disarmed. Maybe we expect a tyrant to look mean and ugly, horns and all. Maybe we expect them to yell and scream and scare is into running and hiding. Maybe because they are not this way at all we have allowed them into our schools, into our lives and have even elected them to public office to represent our views and opinions.

They have dropped the radical, tyrannical exterior because they know it is the only way they could sneak past you and gain power and control over our culture and society as they have. We have allowed the Trojan horse into our kingdom and it has unleashed the full arsenal of what hides within its belly. They have dispersed and now occupy and control every level and sphere of public, cultural and political influence. They have spread like a disease through our culture and our institutions of influence and are on the verge of delivering the final death nail.

America, you fell asleep at the wheel. You sat back and allowed these maniacs to march through every institution of influence under the threat of violation of their precious civil rights. You did not fight back when they screamed to be treated fairly or you would be labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe or worse. You sat back and let them influence your children and their children. You turned your children over to tyrants that wanted only to indoctrinate them into the religion of liberalism. It is you America that have allowed this to happen. It is now up to you to stand up and take action to begin the long and difficult process of ridding our country and culture of this vile destructive force called liberalism. Jen Keeton is not just fighting for her degree; she is fighting for every principle of traditional conservative America for all of us. If she is under attack for her simple disagreement with the nature of homosexuality, to what end will the tyrants go to force their radical and destructive beliefs on all of America when they have absolute power?

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