Monday, July 12, 2010

NBC Trying to Build Sympathy For Illegal Immigrants

Here is yet another shameful display of leftwing media bias intended to appeal to viewer’s sympathy regarding illegal immigrants. We are supposed to feel sorry for them and want to help them in their plight. The media wants us to be angry with those evil conservatives for targeting these poor, harmless folks just trying to contribute to the American dream.

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Instead of focusing on one or two illegal aliens that are leaving Arizona, and the problems they face, shouldn't the media report on the costs that have been incurred by the legal citizens and taxpayers. Perhaps the school that is 70% Hispanic would not have needed to be built - using taxpayer dollars - had all those illegal immigrants not broken the United States federal law to come here in the first place.

Instead of talking about the business that has lost so many customers, maybe they should discuss the burden that has been placed on local health, welfare and administrative services by the presence of so many illegal aliens.

I hope everyone reading articles such as this can see through the bias and understand that the mainstream leftwing media’s primary intention is to sway your opinion, not report the facts. The facts in this story are presented in such a way as to create the desired effect of you being more sympathetic to illegal aliens, nothing more. If they wanted to be fair and report the facts, all the facts, this story would look much different.

Remember, the leftwing media does not report news, they report stories to you that are designed to create their desired response from you so that you will support their leftwing agenda. They are not fair and balanced; they are not interested in truth. They are interested in manipulating your opinions to further an agenda. Don't be fooled.

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