Monday, July 26, 2010

Charles Sherrod, Racism And The New Revolution

It looks as though Shirley Sherrod's husband, Charles is every bit the racist as she pretends not to be. Here, in his own words spoken earlier this year, Charles Sherrod discusses how important it is for "our people" to have a voice to balance what he considers to be racist white people trying to prevent blacks from gaining power.

When every day Americans used a similar phraseology when expressing the importance of taking back "our country", the left automatically went to the race card and accused the Tea Party of meaning that they intended to take back "white America." Now we can clearly see where this type of thinking comes from. When the left use terms like that, it is exactly what they mean, it is white versus black. For them it is all about race, they see conservative America as white racists, with a few traitors they refer to as "uncle Toms."

They are the racists, the bigots, the prejudiced and intolerant, seeking every opportunity to silence all dissent or meaningful debate. For example the entire national debate for most of the last 2 weeks has been centered around who is or isn't a racist. All despicable attacks aimed at conservative America in an effort to discredit and marginalize that entire segment of American population. Here we are, with a black President in 2010 and the left is acting like little brats calling the conservatives names, and it seems the only name they have left in their bag that they think might still have power, is the race card.

How on earth is it possible that millions and millions of conservative Americans can all be just a bunch of ignorant racists? But that is how our President and his disciples are treating conservative America. What kind of sick and twisted politician - one that has risen to the highest level of public office in what is supposed to be the greatest country in history, the most tolerant, the most free - goes on the attack against a substantial portion of the American citizenry? This is beyond sinister, beyond Alinsky, this is political warfare aimed at marginalizing what is left of traditional, faith-based, conservative America.

If they succeed, they see a straight line to their promised land of Communism. They see the end of their 100 year march and the beginning of social justice and equal outcomes for all. Except of course if you are a capitalist white conservative - then you better go into deep hiding because there may very well be a bounty on your head. In his own words, Bill Ayers and his associates openly discussed the extermination of 25 million Americans (see article below). The video, which I have seen in its entirety and heard word for word described by an undercover agent that penetrated Ayer’s group, has been removed from Youtube. Brave New World is upon us, this is not the first controversial footage to disappear off of Youtube.

Click here for article - Bill Ayers calls for genocide of capitalists
Should we discount these words since they were spoken decades ago? At your own peril my friends. These are serious individuals that have amassed incredible power right under our noses. We are only beginning to see them for who they are and must be relentless in our assault on their power. They cannot be allowed to further promote their radical agenda. Everything they do is aimed at this radical end; every piece of legislation is just another brick in their wall of communism. They are masters at disarming terminology, knowing they cannot speak openly and honestly about their true agenda. But they have been executing that agenda for decades and are looking to put the final touches on their master plan in the coming years.

America will have an opportunity to stop these radicals come November, but do they have the strength and determination to fight them, toe to toe, on each and every issue to reverse this country’s slide to radical socialism? Does conservative America have what it takes to get the right people elected and then force the repeal of all of the radical bills that have been flying through Congress the last 2 years? It will take an equally radical conservative revolution to stop this slide and return this country to its roots.

We are witnesses to the birth of the second revolution, are you awake for it? Each of us needs to answer a very simple question. Which camp are you in? During the first revolution the country was not necessarily unified in its pursuit of a new Republic, independent from the British. There were basically 3 camps, one third of the population wanted things to remain as they were, for America to remain a colony of the British. One third of the population wanted to form a new Republic, they were the revolutionaries. And lastly, roughly one third of the population really didn’t care, they were not involved enough to know one way or the other. Here we are 200+ years later and our country has been taken over by radical progressive, socialist, communist thugs. Which camp are you in? It’s time to put your boots on and start marching soldiers!

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