Friday, July 16, 2010

Barack Obama, Saul Alinsky and the Road to Hell

As I have written about often in my posts, the tactics and rules of Saul Alinsky are well integrated into the methodology of the left in their assault on our culture. These tactics and rules are applied daily in the social and political arena with what I consider devastating consequences.

I recently had something brought to my attention by Glenn Beck on one of his recent programs that was the proverbial icing on the cake for me. What was it? He read the dedication to the book that I so often refer to when discussing radicals and their assault on our country:

Not only has Saul Alinsky’s teachings so completely devastated the morality of entire generations, he has promised the radicals who follow his teachings their own kingdom in return for their efforts. A kingdom they are doing everything in their power to deliver to us all, right here on earth.

Alinsky was on to something here. Consider what happens when you remove God from the conversation, when you remove morality, absolutes about right or wrong, when you remove healthy guilt and shame. Where does this lead? To the lowest form of human behavior warned against since the beginning of time. And that will surely lead to hell right here on earth.

The application of Alinsky’s rules has most certainly led to a staggering breakdown in our politics and culture. When a person can no longer be trusted, when words have no truth or meaning, we are left to tear each other apart in a desperate attempt for control and survival. The Alinsky experiment is not going to end well. Hopefully, at some point in our future, our culture will be reborn from the rubble of the destruction we are witnessing today. May it rediscover God and morality’s rightful place in culture and politics and may we rebuild a nation based on freedoms derived from God and protected through the diligent application of the morality, humility and healthy guilt & shame that keeps humans from doing unspeakable things to one another.

The spoken word has become the most powerful weapon in this battle and ‘the ends justify the means’ is their only commandment. We sit and watch in disgust as our elected representative’s lie repeatedly in order to justify what they would know to be wrong had they not forsaken their morality for the kingdom of hell promised to them. They are so blinded by their radical ideology that they have sacrificed their souls in an effort to obtain what they think is perfect social order, and the rigid belief that a socialist society is the only way to achieve peace and happiness has led them to abandon all principles and morality to accomplish that end.

Just this week it was learned that hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funds are being provided to states to fund abortions on demand. Contrast that action with the repeated lies we were told during the healthcare debate that no federal funds would be used for such practices. Think of the deal Bart Stupak made with the devil, given an Executive Order signed by President Obama himself promising that no federal funds would be used for abortions. This is the game, all for political and tactical expediency. When a person will say and do anything to further their cause, morality is gone, and the devil has taken over. As Alinsky says, it is of ends and means only. That is the radical reality we live in right now.

Watch the interview of Harry Reid as he calmly explains to the reporter that he is wrong about illegal aliens in his state. He tells the reporter that his facts are wrong and there are no illegal aliens in Nevada taking jobs away from construction workers. There is no redress to this sort of denial and deceit. Everyone listening knows he is wrong, knows he is lying, yet all he has to do is repeat the lie and the issue is dropped. There is no accountability.

Our founding fathers knew the foundation of a longstanding civilization required that it be rooted in the word of God. They understood the propensity of human nature towards evil if not grounded in morality and God, and the radicals knew they could get nowhere as long as these things were present. As a result we have witnessed the near complete and systematic destruction of all morality in our culture. This has been no accident; it has been done in the name of power and control to further the end goal of radical destruction of the America that we know and love.

It is hard to say if we are near the end of this horrific stretch of our nation’s history. We do not know how this battle will play out. Will the radicals eventually triumph and deliver us hell on earth as they are attempting? Or will the forces of good and righteousness rise to the occasion, wrestle our country and culture from the grips of this monster we are battling, and set us back on a track of morality? I’m putting my money on God, the radicals can all go to hell where they belong.


  1. My friend you are a wise man! Thank you for bringing to my attention the the dedication to the book, I wasn't aware of that either. Great article, keep on doing what you do, in the end we all know who wins. Glory be to HIM!

  2. Yeah OK! Look into Keith Olbermann and Habeas Corpus from MSNBC. See how our Bill of Rights has been destroyed! Look at HBO's Documentary Hacking Democracy and the voter fraud that still goes on today. Dig deep into the 9/11 Truth Movement started by the 9/11 family members. After you've done all these things, look into the mirror and ask yourself, "Who is truly the radical ones?"

  3. Is that you Saul?