Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Congressman Joe Barton

Congressman Joe Barton echoes my sentiments to the outrageous behavior on display yet again by the Obama administration and his band of thugs. This action by our government is embarrassing, despicable and unprecedented. There are no checks and balances. There is no rule of law, it is just do as they say or they will bring the full force of the United States government down on you.

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I am tired of the demonization of BP. They are not evil, they followed rules set down by the very government that is now hell bent on destroying them. This is an ugly display of phony outrage for political an ideological gain.

The Obama administration is using the oil spill as an excuse to further destroy capitalism and the profit motive. This is their way, constantly advancing there radical agenda. If the US government had full control over all oil assets and drilling processes in the United States would this accident have been averted? Is the government going to somehow suspend all laws of nature and reality by their presence? Do they have some magical formula that allows for anything under their control to turn out better than otherwise? Of course not! THIS IS ABSURD THINKING!

Stop buying in to the demonization of capitalism. Government can do absolutely no better than private companies. They are selling an illusion. I hear everyone railing against BP in lock-step with Obama, behaving exactly as he would hope so they can exert their radical political will over you.

Life involves risk and sometimes bad things happen. Our best is determined not by the bad that happens to us in life, but by how we respond to it. The reaction to this oil spill has been horrific, showing the worst of us, not the best. Obama failed to act decisively for reasons very few of us will ever know. Maybe it was politically motivated, maybe he's just incompetent, I don't know. But I do know that there were tremendous resources available to attack most if not all of the oil as it drifted towards the gulf shoreline. And what did we see? Next to nothing! Why?

Why was the Jones act not suspended to allow foreign vessels to assist in cleaning up the oil before it reached the shore? Two words - big labor. Why did the Obama administration drag their feet in approving Governor Jindal's requests to construct barriers? Why did we have to watch day after day as nothing happened and the oil edged closer and closer to shore? I suspect it was at least in part calculated to achieve political gain. Oil soaked beaches could help pass cap-n-tax and put the death nail in the oil industry here in America, something liberals would celebrate regardless of economic or personal impact to Americans. As Rosie O'Donnell said last week, "seize their assets now!"

The BP spill is not the scandal, the lack of response is the scandal. But the media will do nothing to address the truth of this. It is all about BP, all day every day.

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