Monday, June 14, 2010

MSNBC's Version of Gore Divorce

UPDATE -6/24/10:
This just keeps getting better. However, this story is less about the actual details of the Gore's marriage and more about the blatant media cover up and lies.

Click here for article-Gore a "sex-crazed" poodle
Click here for article-Gore accused of sexual harassment, press buries story

Political hacks like Al Gore will come and go, a corrupt media will facilitate the destruction of our country and culture by lying about what is happening and attempting to manipulate a lesser informed citizenry toward a direction that serves their political and social agenda. Unchecked power, political or corporate, will eventually destroy this country. It is the media's responsibility to inform this countries citizens of what is happening so that we can make informed decisions based on facts. What is happening everyday in the press is pure madness.

Truth: Al Gor is a pathetic weasel that probably cheated on is wife on more than one occassion, possibly leading to the eventual divorce.

Media reported Fiction: The Gore's were the model marriage, peacefully deciding to divorce after a picture perfect 40 year marriage.

Again, imagine if we were talking about a Republican. It is a 180 degree completely different story.

UPDATE - 6/16/10:
The media is out to discredit Star Magazine for their reporting of the Al Gore affair, exactly as they did to the National Enquirer when the John Edwards affair broke. We may never know the full truth, but the media reaction to protect Al Gore, and discredit Star Magazine is completely predictable. Again, if we were talking about a conservative the reaction would be the complete opposite.

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UPDATE - 6/15/10:
Star Magazine has released details about an affair between Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David. As I explain in the original article below, you would not have heard about this from any of the mainstream media sources. Similar to the John Edwards affair, it took the National Enquirer to break the story, and then a considerable amount of time after that the mainstream, pathetic, so-called media begrudgingly began to cover the details of the affair. It is a pathetic day in American free press journalism when the National Enquirer and Star Magazine are now more credible sources of actual news than the mainstream media. No disrespect intended to those publications.

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Compare this with the joke of a story originaly published by the mainstream media, linked below.

I guess this is what you would call a “puff piece”. The darling of the global warming charade – Al – and his beloved wife of 40 years divorcing peaceably. Wow, has that ever happened before? I mean, if you love someone so much it doesn’t make a lot of sense to divorce. The very nature of divorce is difficult and sometimes messy. But no, not for this wonderful couple, the picture of what a relationship should look like.

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We will probably never know the true details that eventually drove them apart, the media will protect them at all costs. Not that we should, but once again, compare this to how the article would read if it were a prominent conservative that had announced divorce. The media would report it as follows: There would be speculation, signs of trouble and a long history of all the things that might possibly have contributed to the eventual divorce. They would discuss all of these “possibilities” to such an extent that it would become reality. Another Alinsky rule, tell a lie long enough and it becomes reality.

Of course, none of it actual facts, all merely speculation. But that is what media looks like these days. When they are talking about a liberal all speculation and negativity is erased and glossed over and the story is spun nicely to protect the liberal subject. When they are talking about a conservative it is all speculation, lies, deception and half truths twisted into an ugly story to make you not like them. Subtle yet overwhelmingly effective. This is disgusting so-called “journalism.”

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