Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Rep. Steve King Attacked by Media For Comments on New AZ Law

The article below is another example of the bias media attempting to take perfectly logical comments and twisting them into propaganda. I read this article and agree with everything that Rep. King says. Yet, the way the article reads it is designed to discredit him.

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Here are a couple of comments in the article aimed at manipulting opinion in order to discredit the new law and Rep. King. My translation is in blue:

"because even the state’s governor, Jan Brewer, admitted she didn’t know what an illegal immigrant 'looked like'.” This is an attempt to discredit the immigration law by somehow saying that even the Governor that created the law doesn't know how to enforce it. I recall this comment and the context it was used in was to explain how preposterous it is to attempt to use only race to profile, as the opponents claim the new law will allow. Yet, here the subtle twist is to use it to discredit both the law and Governor Brewer.

"King was already in trouble with some Tea Party groups for saying that President Obama 'has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race, on the side that favors the black person',” "Some" Tea Party groups? I would like to see the breakdown on this one. The Tea Party groups come from a wide swath of American views. However, I would be shocked if the Tea Party groups referred to were anything more than an isolated case that the writer of this article is now using to paint the entire Tea Party with. The intent here is to discredit Rep King by saying that even the Tea Party movement is rejecting him. I doubt it. Again, manipulation and propaganda, all day every day. It is what they do.

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