Saturday, May 8, 2010

Radicals on Parade

The radicals were out in full force during the last week or so showing their true colors and allegiances to their ideology of radical socialism, wealth redistribution, social and economic justice, you know – all that hope and change everyone voted for.

Let’s start with the Arizona Illegal Immigration bill, yes I dare say it – illegal. The ink from the pen Jan Brewer used to sign the bill barely had time to dry before Obama was out bashing it. I don’t think I have ever seen a sitting President use his bully pulpit to insert himself with such critical and divisive remarks into a State Governors affairs. He acts less like our President but more like our Ruler.

Nevertheless, there he was calling the bill “misguided” and that the new law "threatened to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe." Notice he doesn’t mention anything about why the law has been enacted, and what is he talking about with that “communities” crap. I swear, he speaks a different language than I do, is he American? Oh, sorry, different issue. Oh wait, no it’s not…I’m confused.

And let’s not forget the always reasonable Al Sharpton. He wasted no opportunity to exploit the issue for his own political gain. There he was as usual, shouting in the streets, getting his constituents – I mean the illegal aliens – whipped into a frenzy. I don’t know of anyone out there that can whip an angry crowd into a murderous frenzy better than the Reverend Al Sharpton. Let’s see, there was the 1987 Tawana Brawley incident, the 1991 “kill the jews” incident that got Jew Yankel Rosenbaum stabbed to death by a group of blacks that he helped whip into a murderous frenzy with his incendiary remarks, then in 1995 when he helped incite a rioting crowd with chants of “burn down the Jew store” and “we’re going to see that this cracker suffers” that led to the burning to the ground of Freddie’s Fashion Mart - 4 store employees were shot point blank and seven others died in the ensuing fire.

Al Sharpton should be in prison for inciting violence leading to cold blooded murder. Yet he is revered by his Democratic colleagues and never misses an opportunity to incite violence against white people. Just this week he said that it is not enough to have a black man in the White House, social justice will be achieved when everything is equal in everyone’s house. Let that sink in for a minute. These are hard core, of ends and means, Alinsky trained radicals that are marching us straight towards Socialism. Does this mean I get a house like the one Al Gore just paid $9,000,000 on the California Coast. If so, I might be okay with this Socialism thing but somehow I doubt that is how it would all work out.

Then there was the Gulf Coast Oil spill. Ya, Obama was all over that one. Oh no wait, he wasn’t. But when he did finally speak up he wasted no time proclaiming the villain and promising to “keep the boot on the throat of BP” to make sure they pay for this disaster. Didn’t he run for President as a uniter, as the guy that was going to heal the deep divisions created by the last administration? How’s that going? I’m just asking. But, ya those evil oil companies need to have their necks stomped on because that billions and billions of dollars in manpower, machinery and technology that is used every day to steal that 4% profit right out from under the working class peoples noses has gone on too long. The federal government is only making 15% profit from that oil, that’s simply not fair! That evil corporation BP is going to pay for this big time.

Then it was just last week that Obama called in a SWAT team to use intimidation tactics on a Tea Party rally. I think the rally folks were rather amused at the show of force aimed to intimidate anyone from contemplating criminal or devious action. Because, you know those Tea Party radicals are just a half-click away from Timothy McVeigh. Well, that’s what I’ve been told. But, get used to this type of scare tactic. This is power being used to try and intimidate, nothing more. We will be seeing more and more of it as Obama and his media friends work tirelessly to paint the Tea Party as a bunch of radical, fringe nut jobs ready to snap and start shooting minorities up due to their ignorance and lack of tolerance for anything that isn’t white. Just wait until they have a few of our good old fashioned American Army tanks pointed at them, then let’s see how they react. Oh wait, isn’t there something in the constitution about turning our military on its citizens? Right, yes that would never happen. But wait, isn’t that what happened at the Branch Davidian compound back in the 90’s under President Bill Clinton? We all know how that ended. They have a way of getting the response they are after so Tea Party folks should be extra careful from here on out until we get this radical out of office.

Oh yes and we also had the failed NY City Times Square bomber. I missed some of that coverage but from what I heard there was one heck of a lot of back-slapping at the bang up job they all did. Holder, Napolitano, the NY citizens, it really seemed to be one of the great achievements thwarting this attempted terrorist attack . There is some spin for you. It was a failed attack because the bomber screwed up! All of the above did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to thwart this attack! What the hell are they talking about? Political Madness in rare form once again by this administration.

Oh, and the poor bomber, the personal piece stories the media outlets have been inundating us with really helped us understand why he would be driven to such radical extremes, since it had nothing to do with his ties to radical Islam. He was having financial difficulties and had his house foreclosed on. I guess all those trips back and forth to Pakistan were paid for by…who? I’m confused, isn’t it expensive to fly to Pakistan? Shouldn’t he have paid his mortgage instead? And he appeared to live a solitary life so he just wasn’t assimilating well to America, poor thing. I don’t think I have ever heard a modern day newscaster use the word “assimilate” in its proper context when describing a new citizen to America. We all know how much everyone has been taught in school the last 30 years about assimilation and the great melting pot theory of American culture, right? Oh wait, no that’s not right it has been all about multi-cultulturalism and celebrating diversity – the exact opposite of assimilation. Our media never, ever says a word about assimilation. But there they are, feeling bad for him because he just couldn’t assimilate. My guess is that he never wanted to, everything he did here was just to keep a front to not draw suspicion to himself. I cannot believe the lengths the media will go to in an effort to mislead, contort, manipulate public opinion.

They have been trying so hard to tie him to the Tea Party it is killing them! The first glimpse of a suspect practically had them salivating on screen, it was supposedly a 40 year old white guy! Now that’s profiling because they were crossing their fingers and toes hoping for a Tea Party guy. They must have been so disappointed to find out it was actually a Muslim from Pakistan of all places. What are the odds of that? Several days after the failed attack Mayor Michael Bloomberg, when asked by Katie Couric who he thought it was actually described the suspect as “homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the healthcare bill or something”. Truly stunning that these radical liberals are more afraid and concerned about the potential violence (none real – all imagined) that might come from the Tea Party Americans than they are of the actual terrorists that have been for a long time and still are trying to SLAUGHTER US!

Wake up America, these folks are delusional. They are so obsessed with their radical, socialist, spread the wealth around ideology that they really cannot see what is standing right in front of them. They work tirelessly to paint everyone into the box that fits their agenda and how they want you to see the world. Have you ever had a girl/boy friend that was lying to you? You knew it but couldn’t really prove it. But you trust your gut, your judgment, you knew something was very wrong and the more they lied the more it messed with your head because after all you wanted to believe they were the person you thought they were when you got together with them…honest. But one day you finally pulled back and saw the person for who they really where, a lying, manipulative little weasel. Well, we are in a relationship not of our choice with these radical liberals. Every day they spin wild fantasies about what is going on and what their intentions are. Many of you may not yet have come to terms with all the lies and manipulation, maybe you are just beginning to sense something doesn’t add up. Maybe you have had enough and are beginning to see them for who they are. Whatever it is, that is what is happening and the sooner that more and more people wake up to this incredible manipulation of reality that we have been subjected to the sooner we can begin to do the serious work of undoing the damage they have inflicted on this great country over the last hundred years. Yes, this all didn’t just start with Bush, they have been working us over for generations. It is only now becoming overtly obvious to more and more people. Their lies and trickery are more out in the open. The reality of what they are doing is coming to the surface because it can only be hidden for so long. This is who they are, it is showing up big time every day and people are seeing it for what it is. When Obama says “at a certain point you’ve made enough money” you see it for what it is. His core belief system is deeply rooted in Socialist principles and they are his guiding principles in action every day as he works tirelessly to “fundamentally transform America”. Do you really want that fundamental transformation given what you now know he is really talking about?

Just a few more odds and ends to cap another week of radicals saying and doing radical things and getting away with it:

HR2299 – Puerto Rico statehood bill passes house. The radicals want more poor minority voters to pit against the evil white people that have ruined this country with our capitalist ways and to further redistribute wealth.

Financial reform continues to be debated even though what is being proposed does absolutely nothing to address the root cause of the financial melt-down in the first place: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Oh, right and by the way Freddie Mac asked for $10b more in bailout funds this week. How’s that for political madness.

Historic flooding in Tennessee is a non-story. Too many white people all pitching in to help each other out in their communities. No one wants to see that and Obama doesn’t have a victim so he can’t use it to political advantage. He hasn’t even been to the area, these just are not his people. It’s probably best that he just keep away and let them handle it.

Just today I read that 290,000 new jobs were created in April, but the jobless rate (I thought it was called the unemployment rate – when did that change?) went up to 9.9%. Apparently that is actually good news! Every single media outlet reported it that way mentioning that previously discouraged workers are getting back in to the job hunting market since things are apparently going so well! My head is spinning. Hold on just a second I think the blood is about to come shooting out of my eyes! Radicals and their media accomplices can make anything sound like anything they need it to sound like to keep you duped into believing that they are doing right by you and that you can trust them.

5 boys were expelled from school for wearing offensive American flag clothing. School Mexicans were apparently offended by the un patriotic gesture.

Hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants took to the streets demanding their rights as Americans under the law. Who have these people been listening to? Labor unions, La Raza, who else? Read the text in the image below for a glimpse of who they are and what they think they are entitled to and what they are willing to do if they don't get it:

Illegal aliens are being indoctrinated into the ideology that this is their land, they had it first and they are taking it back, one illegal immigrant at a time. They will never respect any of our laws if they do not accept that it is our country in the first place. This one is not going to end well.

Look what is happening in Greece this week. All around the world people have been manipulated by socialist organizations into believing things that can never be delivered in reality, under any system. They have been given promises that are unsustainable under any form of economy and the piper must now be paid. This is just the beginning of a very tumultuous time as country after country – including the United States will have to face the truth about the failure of their socialist entitlement systems and start making deep cuts to survive. This is going to create a violent uprising that no one knows the ending to. Radical socialists like Obama hope it leads to full blown Socialism. That is their plan, that is why they push so hard to pile on more and more to these programs. They know they are unsustainable and that very thing that brings the system down will provide the catalyst for the new social order.

I’m sure I missed something, it was a busy week. The radicals are doing their best to keep us distracted as they push through more radical legislation or go around Congress altogether and enact policies at the governing agency level to push their radical agenda on us.

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