Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chomsky and the Far Right

I recall a line from an old 80's movie: " an insane world, it is the sane who appear insane." Welcome to the insane world of the United States of America in 2010.

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Chomsky, one of the worlds most notorious far left radicals, an insane person, is calling tea partiers far right radicals, the sane people. This is how far to the left our culture and politics has shifted. As a tea party supporter I have no doubt that I stand for everything that is or has ever been good, decent, noble, righteous and positive about America. I believe that we are the greatest nation on earth, that the founding fathers were brilliant in creating a free republic - something never achieved in human history, and that the absence of oppression and a life in fear of power has unleashed the full potential of the human spirit. I believe that all people are created equal, regardless of race. I believe that every person in this country has equal opportunity to create a positive life, to achieve great things and to fullfill their human destiny.

Yet I am considered "radical". How did we allow our culture to become so polluted? How did we sit back idly as the forces of evil, hate, oppression, control and destruction marched effortlessly through our culture? How did we sit by and allow these radical ideologues to infiltrate our education system and indoctrinate our children? How did we not see the supposed "watchdogs of power" - the media - climb into the pocket of those that want to destroy our version of America? How have we accepted the never ending parade of lies heaped upon us each day as facts, reality as we watch the news? How?

Now here we are, marginalized on a daily basis, called racists, radicals. There are Department of Homeland Security reports issued warning of our potential danger. We are the target of the government, not just radicals like Chomsky. He is one of the voices of the left. He shares the same views as Obama and the rest of the monsters that currently control the fate of this country. A narrative is being written, the Alinsky rules are being applied. It is a relentless assault on reality every day that millions of Americans are buying into because they have yet to wake up to the lies of the media and the politicians on the left.

There are far too many Americans that don't realize the extent of their deception. They don't realize that it has nothing to do with right or wrong, truth, fairness. It is all about acquiring power and the only way they can accomplish that is to destroy all opposition. They are not interested in "bi-partisanship". That is a lie. Their entire platform is built on lies and perhaps the main reason it works so well is that most Americans can't imagine the extent of deception or that it is even a possibility. They cannot grasp that these people are evil, they are liars, they say whatever must be said to accomplish the end goal. They lack a moral compass and therefore are willing to do and say anything to advance their agenda. Unsuspecting followers believe it because to realize the truth would be to destroy their world view, a world view that I held for a period of time in my life when I was younger and more naive, paid less attention to what was going on and just listened to the sound bites of the mainstream media. I was one of their ignorant pawns, I hate to admit.

It takes some sort of jolt to wake up and to realize the cause they have lined up behind is based on lies, manipulation and a single minded determination to exercise complete control over our lives. They intend to destroy American history, to rip the very heart out of this country and spit on our founders graves. They have so completely twisted and distorted history and facts that people cannot comprehend how truly deep the lies go. They have sold their souls and could care less about everything that was great about America. To say they want socialism is not saying enough. Listen closely to Obama, they have a 200 year old score to settle. They want every American that does not agree with them to pay for every injustice - real or imagined - that may have happened to any of their favored classes in this country since probably even before its founding.

Look at how they have turned every minority group against conservative America. They have branded an entire demographic as racists, if you are white and not liberal, you are a racist. What does that make them. You know they are lying, I know they are lying, yet why do the minority groups line up behind them? Because their tactics work. They are powerful and effective. Alinsky defined a set of rules that have been incredibly effective at destroying power on one side and accumulating it on another.

By finally coming out and speaking your truth you have become their target. They now have you out in the open to attack and destroy. That is their mission, not to listen and understand, or work together to achieve results that all Americans can agree on. No, you are in their way so you will be destroyed. They have the media doing their dirty work, they say it and it becomes fact. You are a racist, period. There is very little you can do to stop their attack.

So, please exercise the one thing they have yet to take, your vote. Forget the rallies, the protests, the flag waving, they are not listening. Organize but do not publicize, and show up on November 2nd and vote.

They have been on a 100 year march and they are very, very close to crossing the finish line. Are enough people going to wake up, get involved and stop the insanity? Only time will tell.

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