Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare Madness and Liberal Tyranny

We have witnessed a week that can only be described as mind bending. It seems the Democrat machine came out in full attack mode after their stunning display of partisan opposition to the will of the majority of Americans on Sunday with the passage of the monstrous healthcare bill. I personally sat through nearly 10 hours of video feed from the floor of the House on Sunday knowing full well that they would not have forced
the vote in the first place had they not had enough to push it over the finish line to passage. Nevertheless, I was hoping for a miracle. Hoping for enough Democrat congressmen to grow a conscience somewhere between the time they committed their vote to Pelosi and the time the actual vote took place.

Sadly enough, but with little surprise that did not happen and we are now forced to deal with a new reality of America. It is a frightening and sobering day we have awoken to. I believe that many Americans have some understanding of the relentless assault on our rights and our freedoms that has taken place from the left over the last several decades. But perhaps the passage of this bill will put it into a little clearer perspective what is really happening. There is no longer dispute, we are on a path to full blown socialism and beyond. Everything the founding fathers created to prevent this very thing is being trampled over and it is coming to fruition right before our eyes.

Not only is this new reality sobering, it has emboldened the liberals all the more. They have realized their ultimate goal of ultimate power and have tasted the victory of it. Now they will replicate the blueprint that was just enacted on America just as soon as possible with their next far left socialist policy. There are 3 major pieces of legislation that they need to ram through before they lose their majority in Congress, because they know that the majority of Americans will never support any of them willingly. So, they are going to force it upon us just as they have healthcare. They are cap-n-trade, immigration reform (amnesty) and card check.

Our beloved Senator Lindsey Graham has already teamed up with Democrats in a bi-partisan way on cap-n-trade and immigration reform. He needs to go, he is not doing this country any favors at this point. He will only promise squishy liberal concessions that will end up making the Republicans look just as bad as the Democrats, the same way they did with George Bush. They will then be able to say it is bi-partisan legislation right before they cram it down our throats. Beware and be ready to be heard.

Have no illusion, here is their end game: Pass immigration reform and register at least 8 million Hispanics to vote for them, demonize as much of the opposition as possible to weaken the turnout in November, put in place the necessary structures to cheat as much as possible (ACORN) – especially in the predominately black urban parts of our major cities, and assure permanent rule. Read that last part again since it is the key.

Once they have assured permanent rule they will be able to do exactly as they have been doing since Obama took office, ignore the will of the majority of Americans and enact their socialist agenda on this country, regardless of how much we yell and scream. We will be marginalized by the media and they will enforce their rule in a way that could be permanent and devastating to this country. If you want to better understand what we are smack in the middle of, take a look at how Hugo Chavez rose to power, through a populist movement fueled by class warfare and promises of utopia. Once in power he put in place the mechanisms to assure he would never lose it. We are right at that point where they put in place the mechanisms to assure permanent rule. It took them 100 years to arrive at this point. They can taste the victory and they are going to pull out every stop to push this overall agenda across the finish line just like they did healthcare. They are right this minute working tirelessly to accomplish this, and make no mistake, their plan is nothing less than this. It is pure evil and many Americans know this, some are only beginning to wake to it.

They have continued on their quest for absolute power this week by coming out swinging with nasty rhetoric at the protestors from the weekend. They clearly got their messaging out to the media and it is all about how evil the Tea Party protesters are. This is absolutely despicable. They once again are attacking the very heart of this country using their tried and true Alinsky tactics. This is a concerted effort and this vile rhetoric will continue up to and through the mid-term elections in November. This is the new reality; you are going to be oppressed. They know they have to diminish the power that has been accumulated by the demonstrators if they have any chance at victory in November. They also know that this period in history may be a one in a hundred year grip on absolute power and the lesson of Scott Brown in Massachusetts was not lost on them.

You absolutely must understand the tactics the left uses here. First, they will make false claims as they did regarding the supposed racial slurs to the black Congressmen walking to the House with Pelosi Sunday afternoon for the vote. These are lies that have been fabricated to destroy credibility. Low and behold that is just about all the mainstream media has talked about all week, so as you can see they are in lock-step with the messaging from the White House. Second, if fabricating lies isn’t enough they will plant their own people in the rallies to engage in distasteful behavior to make the group look bad. Be on the lookout for these people whenever you attend a rally. There was more than one at the very first Tea Party rally I went to last April in Seattle. They were ready then and they are ready now, they are there and they want to make you look bad.

My final thought for the week is this. As much as the protests must continue, more than that each and every one of us needs to get involved in the process. Join the RNC to help steer them in the right direction. Don’t wait for them to fix everything that is wrong with the party and then come back to it. We need to demand the values and principles we are standing up for become the platform of Republican candidates. It is our biggest weapon to fight these bastards and win. Anything else will only strengthen the liberals and their causes. We must get involved and be heard. It is our country, don’t let them destroy it.

....""When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty"...Thomas Jefferson

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