Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean Penn And The Right To Crush Dissenting Opinions

Friday on the Bill Maher program Sean Penn commented that anybody who refers to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez as a dictator should be put behind bars. Apparently, since he is convinced that Chavez is such a kind humanitarian and not a tyrannical thug, we should all agree with him or be subjected to imprisonment.

Does he know ANYTHING about the origins of America, the founding fathers, what they were escaping and what they were trying to build by creating the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? Is he a complete historical dimwit? The founding fathers envisioned a country free from persecution simply for
 what you thought. Why do you suppose the first amendment is the very FIRST amendment, not the fourth or the fifth? It was understood that freedom of speech (and thought) is at the very heart of freedom itself.

The founders were determined to create a country where people could live without fear. The type of fear that exists in nearly every other country around the world. Fear that goes back as far as recorded history. We live in a world that is full of oppression and persecution by evil, by dictators and tyrants; Chavez, Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad to name just a few that are currently in power.

Freedom from persecution is at the forefront of the American experience. It is who we are and part of why so many want to be here. To be free to have your own thoughts is entirely natural and essential to any sort of personal happiness. The founders understood this. They also understood that this is a right that is not bestowed upon us by any individual. This is a right bestowed upon us by our Creator, by God.

Tyrannical dictators like Chavez must hate the idea that there might be someone (or something) greater than them in authority. They spend their time trying to convince their supporters that they are the answer, they will be the great provider. There is no room for God in this discussion, that would diminish their power. Why do you think it is so important for liberals to remove all aspects of God from our culture? They want all the power. They want to tell us what to think and what is right or wrong. They want to be the dictators of our happiness or lack thereof. Sean Penn represents this mentality perfectly. Think as he does or be banished to the gallows.

Sean Penn has demonstrated over and over again that he is insane. He has lost his mind and cannot stand the fact that others don’t agree with his world view. He, like so many others like him, are desperate for the overthrow of our way of life. They are desperate to see the demise of Capitalism so they can usher in their twisted world view. They can taste how close they are to achieving that and it is whipping them into a frenzy. They are also beginning to see the resistance that is being manifested in things like the TEA Parties and it is scaring them. They can see the finish line of their hundred year march toward Socialism and suddenly it is slipping away. Suddenly people are waking up, as if just in the nick of time waking up to see the reality of what they have done to this country. Once awake, we will not rest until we have restored the values, traditions and principles that this great country was founded upon.

We have just begun to fight back.

Sean Penn: Jail Reporters for Calling Chavez Dictator

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