Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama Attacks Big Insurance

Obama is in full campaign mode railing against the insurance industry. Alinsky tactics at their best.

The old Alinsky rule is what Obama is doing to the insurance industry today and has been doing his entire time in office. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.” I spoke of this yesterday. Here it is again, a day later. It is a staple of the radical left. Demonize, demonize, demonize. Notice how often you hear a liberal attack the messenger and not so much the message. They lose on substance so must destroy the
credibility of their opponent. They are masters at this and here Obama is today using this tactic yet again.

Think of the thousands of every day Americans, hard working, trying to do the right thing, doing their best as part of the industry to uphold the standards of care that we have all come to expect, appreciate and rely upon. Now, think of Obama standing in front of his audience demonizing all of these people, lumping them neatly into one little package that he wants the American public to reject. Reject because he wants it his way, regardless of cost, regardless of the thousands of American lives that will be destroyed once he puts his version of healthcare into motion. No matter, these people are expendable. All people are expendable to radical ideologues, they are obsessed with their ideology and their quest for the power to exercise their radical agenda on us.

He knows the only way to fulfill his mission is to paint what “is” in as unattractive light as possible, convincing you to accept his vision, a vision that is not based in reality, a vision that is demonstrated over and over again around the world to be a failure. Turn public opinion against the insurance industry, make them the bad guy so he can come in and tear them apart, destroy private insurance with his radical healthcare plan. Make no mistake about it, that is the end game. All lefties want single payer healthcare. It is part of their Socialist utopia.

Update: Surprise, surprise, the very next day there is a meeting of healthcare executives convening in DC and like magic a crowd of angry protesters has arrived to further the Obama agenda of demonizing the insurance industry mere days before he expects a final vote from Congress. What a manipulator. You can bet he ralied his ACORN/SEIU thugs to pull together a crowd for the protest. There is even a chance they were paid to attend the "demonstration" with your tax dollars. Sound absurd? Check Craigslist, you can make $24,000 a year promoting Obama's propaganda.

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