Monday, March 22, 2010

Brave New World

Anbody that is suffering under the illusion that the democrats now or ever are or were interested in true bi-partisanship for the common good of all America needs to read the article attached to the link below. This is their message and it is no secret to those of us who have been paying attention all along.

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They have never been interested in anything that isn't strictly modeled after their radical progressive ideology. And they are not ashamed to admit that. So wise up Senator McCain, Senator Graham, your foolish butt
kissing to win favor from the left is doing nothing but damage to our country. I know this, many other conservatives know this and it is time for you to step aside and learn how to fight fire with fire.

The only way to affect true change in our country in todays political environment is by doing exactly what the left and Obama did yesterday and in the weeks leading up to the final vote on healthcare last night. There was talk of scaling back the plan, moving to the center, but in the end Pelosi pulled out all the stops, ignored the will of the American people and rammed their radical agenda down our throats. The progressives are jubilent today, brimming with delight at their conquest and trust me they have absolutely no concern about the well being of anyone that does not agree with their radical progressive ideology. That should scare you, after all it is the American people that have voted these monsters into power.

So, wake up those of you that are just now entering the fight, brush yourself off and get into the game. This is going to be a long fight that we can win if we wise up and understand the rules we are playing by. The heart of our country is at stake. Are you going to sit idly by and allow these radicals to have their way with you?

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