Sunday, March 7, 2010

ABC News Links Pentagon Shooter to Tea Party Folks

I rarely watch mainstream news anymore, and was reminded why immediately after switching to ABC yesterday afternoon. In a clever little piece, they in their oh so subtle yet remarkebly affective way, linked the March 5th 2010 Pentagon shooter - John Patrick Bedell ( a registered Democrat), the airplane attack on the IRS building in Austing Texas by Joseph Stack and the Oklahoma City bomber - Timothy McVeigh to the Tea Partiers.

It is this type of clever "guilt by association" so-called "journalism" that should raise the ire of all Americans who want to hear the truth. The underlying motive is the continued marginalization of an entire segment of the American population that are demanding to be heard by our elected representatives. The overwhelming
 majority of which are just regular every day folks. Not racists, not neo-nazi's, not anarchists, not violent, not extreme, not at all. Just every day folks who for the first time in their life have been forced to get more involved.

Hopefully more moderate and conservative Americans are seeing the usual and familair strategy of the left. They have mastered Alinsky's rules and use the tactics with great success. The particular tactic I am referring to here is the one that says to "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it."

The target here is the Tea Parties. They freeze it by pulling it up from the everyday conversation and focusing the light on it, making it a part of the story. Then personalize, they do this by connecting those I referred to above to the Tea Parties, and the last step is automatic, by associating with something evil and destructive such as the three examples above, the message works. The entire movement is polarized into the negative extreme. powerful and effective, perhaps one of the Alinskyites favorite tools.

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