Friday, June 17, 2016

Anti-Gun Liberals Don't Understand Natural Rights or Basic Human Instinct

I'm going to try and break this down as simply as I can. This is an attempt to get through to liberals that think law abiding Americans shouldn't be allowed to own firearms.

Owning a firearm is at its most fundamental core a symbol and tool of my right to self defense. As simple as that sounds, it is apparently lost on liberals.

Let me break it down further. Basic human instinct, God given instinct is designed for self-preservation. That is how we have survived for thousands of years. Not because we diligently gave grown adults "safe-spaces", no, it is because we have instinctual actions and reactions that help ensure our survival.

The most basic is the instinctual response when being attacked or threatened, by anything, I mean anything. Say it with me, those instincts are often referred to as "fight or flee" instincts. With me so far? In any scenario I am psychologically hard-wired to react instinctively when threatened.

The absolute importance of this cannot be understated because this instinct also exists in bad guys when perpetrating unspeakable acts of horror on innocent people. Why does this matter? Let's start small. Have you ever been pestered by a simple little bumble bee? What did you do, freeze, cower, stand still & hope it doesn't sting you? NO! Your instinct was to swat at it. When you swat at that pesky little bumble bee was there a response, anything at all? Yes, the bee adjusted to avoid your swat, thereby diverting its attention away from continuing to harass you. It was instantaneously forced into defense, a split second automatic reaction based on thousands of years of existence, hard-wired into almost every being on earth.

So what does that have to do with my right to own a firearm? A deranged lunatic walks into a gun free zone and starts slaughtering unarmed people. He has absolutely zero concern about his own safety so he can focus all of his attention on his slaughter. What happens if ONE person steps up, points a gun at him and fires a single shot? Instantaneously the dynamics change and the lunatic is now automatically, without any thought whatsoever forced into his automatic defense mechanism and attempts to react to the now incoming gun fire. At that very instance lives have been spared, immediately, no thought, no reaction, no thinking, bam just like that he is moving his weapon away from what would have been his next victim.

Maybe the guy with the handgun kills the lunatic, maybe he doesn't. There is no guaranteed outcome, but in that single moment lives are spared, that is undeniable. Not only that, now the lunatic has to focus on a single target, the shooter. You are the bumble bee and he is now forced to try and swat you away so he can get back to his carnage. This is life or death stuff and is absolutely terrifying. But in that moment, the person drawing his gun on the lunatic has made a potentially life or death decision to try and protect those being slaughtered. He (or she) has responded to the fight instinct, while those without weapons are usually rendered helpless and usually attempt to flee where possible. This response makes their life or death a game of mere chance, luck, the law of numbers that he will not get to you by the time you are able to escape. The flee option is good, and there are times when it is the appropriate response, but it is no match for firearms.

Let me say that again because it is a critical factor in this ridiculous debate that we shouldn't even be having. Just as I will automatically swat at a bee that comes at me to sting me, I will also automatically have the survival instinct to jump to the defense of those in danger, any danger, for any reason, at any time. That is the fight response that is hard-wired into me. If I am standing in that room, with that lunatic mowing people down in front of me, my instinct will be to stop him by any means necessary. Without a gun my odds are limited, although many in that situation will still try and it's absolutely heroic and simultaneously heart breaking. But with the gun I can now force the lunatic to either stand and return fire with me, taking the fire away from innocent and unarmed people, or choose option 2 of the fight or flee options, which is what most lunatics will do because they are usually cowards, they will turn and run.

It really is that simple. There are many many threats to our basic safety, especially in the age of radical Islam, but this applies to any maniac with a gun, and have no doubt if there is a maniac out there that wants to kill innocent people he will find a way, gun or otherwise. The gun is not the problem, the maniac is.

It is absolutely essential that those that have the protective sheep-dog instinct are allowed to obtain the necessary tools to assure peoples safety wherever that happens to be. Liberals may find this hard to believe since part of the psychosis of liberalism is self-indulgent narcissism which affords them little regard for the value of anyone's life except their own, but there really are people out there that will risk their lives to save others - lots of them. That too is part of our instinct and has been a source of protection and survival for thousands of years. There will always be wolves, so we must be allowed to meet their force with equal force and firearms is that equalizer. Without them we are just sheep being led to slaughter, because make no mistake about this, the only people the politicians want to disarm are the sheep and the sheep dogs, they themselves are part of the wolves that we need to protect ourselves from.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What We're Really Fighting For This Election Cycle

I have been watching with almost total disgust as the Republican Party and its loyal followers rip each other apart during this election cycle. I've been called a moron, idiot, bot, drone, brain dead and more on twitter because of who I am supporting for President. All from my so-called Conservative followers. It is a total disgrace.

I do my best to not reciprocate, but it is getting harder to hold any line of decency when your being bombarded by all the negative vitriol.

And why am I getting such attacks? Because I don't support ANY of the Republican Politicians. None. I refuse to continue to support or buy into a broken, corrupt system. A system that is largely responsible for the systematic destruction of our Country.

What all of the supporters of any of the current batch of Political saviors don't seem to understand, or are just completely unwilling to consider, is that their guy is bought and paid for by people that do not have the same values or interests as We The People.

All of the candidates, got it, ALL of the candidates answer to either big money, open border donors, or the global elites, or both. Many times they are one in the same. These donors and elites are systematically destroying America, on purpose, to further their global agenda.

Sure, Ted Cruz would do some very good things if he is elected President. But have no illusions, much of the destruction will continue on his watch. Our trade deficits will continue to export American wealth. Our border will not be secured. I know all the Cruz supporters believe he will build a wall and stop the madness. While he will take steps that will reduce the flow, he will not stop it. He will not deport. He will not allow the American people to reclaim their country and their culture. He will do everything he can to make it appear he is there to help and doing all he can, but in the end he too answers to the same masters as all the rest. It will not get fixed. The rate of destruction will be slowed, that is all.

Sound familiar? Yes, because that is what every other Republican President has done over the last 30+ years. America loved Reagan, but we got Amnesty. Americans loved GW Bush, but he did nothing to close the border. In fact, I recall him calling the Minutemen that went to the border to try and enforce immigration laws and help protect our country VIGILANTES. Remember that? I do! And I was pissed!

So let's stop with the glorification of any Presidents, past, present or future. They did some good, and would continue to do some good. But this is not a popularity contest, this about saving America from globalists that want to bring us down. In the end all of the Republican politicians running for POTUS will either bow to the globalists or be threatened with their life or the life of their families. The monsters at the top are not afraid to do whatever it takes to further their agenda. Just look at what happened over the weekend. With critical, agenda changing cases lined up, the Supreme Court lost its most Conservative voice. A sudden death surrounded by suspicious circumstances. If you believe this was anything but a coordinated hit, you are part of the problem. We have enemies of America that have been in control for decades taking out any and every one necessary to further that agenda.

So, stop with all the bickering, arguing and name calling about the chess pieces on the chess board and wake up and start focusing on the globalists puppet masters that are moving the chess pieces. They are counting on your ignorance. They are counting on your undying devotion to "your guy" in the political process. That is how it has been for decades and they are counting on you to not wake up and see what a total sham the whole thing is.

I was a Cruz guy before I woke up. I believed he was different than the others. I still believe that he is, but only up to a certain point. I will take Romney over Obama, Reagan over Carter or Bush over Kerry any day. But I have come to realize that they are still beholden to the same people. The people that have bought and paid for every election in America for decades. they allow for a certain amount of "progress" to continue the illusion that we are actually in control. We are not, and when someone gets outside of the control that they maintain, people end up defeated, destroyed and in some cases dead.

There are 2 candidates running in the Republican Party that up to now, are not bought and paid for by the elites. Trump and Carson. Take your pick, anyone else is just more of the same and you are part of the problem. Remember this if you ever wake up. Remember me. Remember I tried to warn you.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Four Reasons to Vote For Trump

Four very simple reasons why I would vote for Donald Trump:

1 - I am Angry

Nikki Haley did Donald Trump a tremendous favor Wednesday night with her lecture to Americans about how we shouldn't be angry.

Simply put, if you're not angry then you may not fully understand the magnitude of what has occurred since Obama took office. His actions have been horrendously destructive to this nation. Trump summed it up very well with his response to her last night. See the video below for his entire response.

I have been furious at our government since February 2009 when they rammed through the $482 billion Omnibus along with the $787 billion stimulus. Remember that? That was $1,269 Trillion in wasteful spending. I would like to see a full accounting of exactly where that money went.

Click here for a list of the grievances I had from just his first 2 years in office. I haven't bothered to add to it, but am sure the totality all lined up on one list would be staggering.

The staggering actions since then have only added fuel to my anger. Anger that is now pointed at both sides. The last couple years have made it painfully clear the Republicans have no intention of fighting for Conservative causes. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are a disgrace to the Republican Party. In fact the Republican Party is a disgrace.

Trump is the only one willing to own the anger, he does not back down from the media and establishment bullies that are so accustomed to silencing anyone who steps out of line. I wouldn't tolerate it and neither does he, and I like that, a lot. Bullies piss me off and the left is nothing short of a party of bullies.

Were you ever picked on by a bully as a kid? Well I was, I was the smallest kid in my middle school and the school bully loved to push me around. One day I'd had enough and when he gave me a shove I turned around and clocked him right in the nose. Problem solved, he never bothered me again. Lesson learned, bullies are often just paper tigers and rely primarily on intimidation. Trump has popped the bullies bubble, nothing they do or say works. Trump owns what he says and he shoves it right back in their faces. And have you noticed? It works. They whine and flail and then move on once they realize their intimidation tactics are ineffective.

2 - Build a Damn Wall Already!

I did not give Trump a second thought about him as a possible Presidential candidate at first. In fact, I recall conversations I had with a friend of mine about Trump during the 2012 election cycle. He was a fan of Trump's and thought he would make a great President. I scoffed, and told him I thought he was crazy.

And then he said it. Donald Trump had the guts to say what I have been saying for years. He said he will build a wall, not a fence, a wall. It will be big and it will be beautiful. He said it and he has owned it ever since. The media and political establishment has attacked him relentlessly with their mocking, shaming and name calling. And guess what, he hasn't flinched one single inch. Want to know why? Refer to item 1 above.

It was like finally, after years of madness listening to candidates and politicians dance around the issue. Why won't they just do what is good for America? That leads to item #3.

3 - Nobody Owns Trump

It was an incredible moment of realization, like waking up from a trance. It all suddenly made sense. All the crazy sidestepping, parsing of words by politicians that supposedly agreed with me. Those that have been saying for years that we need to solve the border problem, yet nothing changes. The realization is that all of those politicians are owned by someone with different priorities than those of us that want to save America. The big money donors are all open borders guys, they are about profit, not patriotism.

After that realization all of the candidates lies, distortions and mincing of words became crystal clear to me. Remember when Governor Walker dropped out shortly after flip flopping on the issue, and nobody on the Republican side dares mention building a wall. Got that? Nobody. Except Trump, the lone voice of sanity and patriotism on the right. I know that will draw ire from all the Cruz, Rubio, et al fans, but I implore all of you to let go of your preconceived attachments to them, as I have done, and realize all of them answer to big money donors, without exception.

That is a sobering reality. The system is broken folks and Trump has exposed it for what it is, a big show to try and convince us that they will do what we want them to do once elected. They won't. Just look at what the House and Senate has done since Conservatives gave them the majority in both Chambers in 2014. Nothing, they're all talk, no action. Why? Big money donors. They may do some of the things but they absolutely will not build a wall and they absolutely will not act on my final point below.

4 - Deport, Deport, Deport

Once again, nobody on the right even has the guts to say we need to deport. Zero, nadda, no one. Got it? I hope so. Do you think deportation is feasible as I do? Do you believe that all we need to do is begin enforcing current immigration laws and illegals will start leaving on their own? Do you go crazy listening to the mantra that it just isn't realistic, that you can't break up families, that it's just un American to not roll out the red carpet for all those that break our laws, violate our national sovereignty, disrespect our flag and then rub our noses in it?

They are not assimilating, they feel entitled and they know it pisses you and I off - patriotic Americans. And they rub our noses in it. They are reducing our standard of living by driving down wages, filling up our jails, perpetuating unspeakable violence on innocent Americans and flipping us off if we have a problem with it. In fact, we are the racists for challenging the status quo. Bottom line, the status quo is rapidly destroying American culture.

Well, I've had it and once again, the only one with the guts to say it is Donald Trump.

That's it, 4 very simple reasons to give Donald Trump serious consideration for the highest office in the land. All you skeptics that think he is lying, that think he is a big time liberal, that think he's not serious, think about this for just a moment. He's the only one with the guts to say it - and is taking tremendous flack for it from every side. Does it make sense that he would take that much grief if he didn't believe what he was saying and intend to follow through.

Also, the fact he is even willing to say it provides at a minimum the possibility that it might get done. Nobody else is even making it a possibility because they know they would lose their big money donors if they did. So with every other candidate there is zero chance of deportation, zero chance of getting a wall built. Got it? Zero, forget the lies. Forget the parsed word promises. Zero.

So, I'll take the possibility of getting those things done with Trump, over the certainty that they most definitely will not get done under every other candidate.

Simply put, Trump got my attention when he said that he will build a wall and deport, and he hasn't backed off since. That's it and that's all. I have become a single issue voter. Our country is being absolutely destroyed, and even more, our culture is being destroyed, & illegal immigration is one of the biggest factors.

Like Trump said from the very beginning, "either we have a country or we don't have a country." A vote for Trump and we have the possibility of the former, a vote for anybody else and we have the certainty of the latter. The choice is yours.

Lastly, for the record, I waited patiently for 4 years to cast my vote for Ted Cruz. I live in Texas, I watched up close his battle with the entrenched establishment candidate who had all the money in the world and Cruz only had 2% of the vote. He won the hearts and minds of Texans with his conservative principles, his sharp mind and a proven track record. He would be an acceptable second choice if Trump doesn't win. But make no mistake about it, a wall will not get built and illegals will not get deported. The illegal immigration madness will continue to some degree.

So, as of right now I am giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and rooting for him, and will continue to back him as long as he continues to show he is for real and holds his ground against the ruling class and the corrupt media.

Read his books, listen to people that have known him for decades. He's for real folks, his heart is in this for America. He loves this country and he hates what is being done to it by the ruling class. Something we should all be able to relate to.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

DC Lobbyists Cheer Boehner's War on Tea Party

"According to The Hill, lobbyists were "pleasantly surprised by" Boehner's "strident remarks" last week in which he said Tea Party groups have lost "all credibility" after they opposed the budget compromise that increased taxes. Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said Boehner's words were a declaration of war on grassroots conservatives."

 Click here for article

Speaker Boehner's attack on the Tea Party is incomprehensible given it is that very group of Americans that gave him his speakership in 2010. Make no mistake, this is a calculated move, Progressive Republicans seem to be operating from the radical Alinsky playbook.

By joining the Communists of the Democratic Party in marginalizing Conservative Americans, establishment Republicans in DC are joining forces to further Obama's radical transformation of America. Specifically, up next is the push to award amnesty to over 10 million illegal immigrants, assuring the complete destruction of America.

However, in so doing, he has also revealed his true position. There can be no denying his loyalty to the established way of doing business in DC, to going along to get along, to helping push America further down the road to ruin. Anything that he says to attempt to placate Conservatives should be ignored, he is what he is and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Just as Alisnky rules have worked to further the radical agenda of the radical Communists, and now the Progressive Republicans, it is also working against them. As Rules for Radicals tactic #13 explains, pick the target, freeze and polarize it.That is what Boehner is doing. The effect is to destroy the targets credibility and therefore minimize its power.

However, this rule also says that when a target is attacked all of the "others" come out of hiding in defense of the target. Well, the opposite is true as well, just look at all of the "others" that have come out in defense of and support of Boehner's attacks. That's right, we know who our enemies are, the question is how to defeat them.