Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What We're Really Fighting For This Election Cycle

I have been watching with almost total disgust as the Republican Party and its loyal followers rip each other apart during this election cycle. I've been called a moron, idiot, bot, drone, brain dead and more on twitter because of who I am supporting for President. All from my so-called Conservative followers. It is a total disgrace.

I do my best to not reciprocate, but it is getting harder to hold any line of decency when your being bombarded by all the negative vitriol.

And why am I getting such attacks? Because I don't support ANY of the Republican Politicians. None. I refuse to continue to support or buy into a broken, corrupt system. A system that is largely responsible for the systematic destruction of our Country.

What all of the supporters of any of the current batch of Political saviors don't seem to understand, or are just completely unwilling to consider, is that their guy is bought and paid for by people that do not have the same values or interests as We The People.

All of the candidates, got it, ALL of the candidates answer to either big money, open border donors, or the global elites, or both. Many times they are one in the same. These donors and elites are systematically destroying America, on purpose, to further their global agenda.

Sure, Ted Cruz would do some very good things if he is elected President. But have no illusions, much of the destruction will continue on his watch. Our trade deficits will continue to export American wealth. Our border will not be secured. I know all the Cruz supporters believe he will build a wall and stop the madness. While he will take steps that will reduce the flow, he will not stop it. He will not deport. He will not allow the American people to reclaim their country and their culture. He will do everything he can to make it appear he is there to help and doing all he can, but in the end he too answers to the same masters as all the rest. It will not get fixed. The rate of destruction will be slowed, that is all.

Sound familiar? Yes, because that is what every other Republican President has done over the last 30+ years. America loved Reagan, but we got Amnesty. Americans loved GW Bush, but he did nothing to close the border. In fact, I recall him calling the Minutemen that went to the border to try and enforce immigration laws and help protect our country VIGILANTES. Remember that? I do! And I was pissed!

So let's stop with the glorification of any Presidents, past, present or future. They did some good, and would continue to do some good. But this is not a popularity contest, this about saving America from globalists that want to bring us down. In the end all of the Republican politicians running for POTUS will either bow to the globalists or be threatened with their life or the life of their families. The monsters at the top are not afraid to do whatever it takes to further their agenda. Just look at what happened over the weekend. With critical, agenda changing cases lined up, the Supreme Court lost its most Conservative voice. A sudden death surrounded by suspicious circumstances. If you believe this was anything but a coordinated hit, you are part of the problem. We have enemies of America that have been in control for decades taking out any and every one necessary to further that agenda.

So, stop with all the bickering, arguing and name calling about the chess pieces on the chess board and wake up and start focusing on the globalists puppet masters that are moving the chess pieces. They are counting on your ignorance. They are counting on your undying devotion to "your guy" in the political process. That is how it has been for decades and they are counting on you to not wake up and see what a total sham the whole thing is.

I was a Cruz guy before I woke up. I believed he was different than the others. I still believe that he is, but only up to a certain point. I will take Romney over Obama, Reagan over Carter or Bush over Kerry any day. But I have come to realize that they are still beholden to the same people. The people that have bought and paid for every election in America for decades. they allow for a certain amount of "progress" to continue the illusion that we are actually in control. We are not, and when someone gets outside of the control that they maintain, people end up defeated, destroyed and in some cases dead.

There are 2 candidates running in the Republican Party that up to now, are not bought and paid for by the elites. Trump and Carson. Take your pick, anyone else is just more of the same and you are part of the problem. Remember this if you ever wake up. Remember me. Remember I tried to warn you.

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