Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama: Voting 'Best Revenge' Against Romney

Revenge for what? What exactly has Mitt Romney done so for as NOT the Commander-in-Chief, that Obama's drones should seek revenge for?

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The rhetoric of the left has no limits, Barack Obama is fabricating enemies out of thin air. Throwing anything and everything he can at Mitt Romney in his last, desperate attempt to paint him as the evil rich guy. Who he really is, a point that was made very clearly during the first Presidential debate, resulted in a seismic shift in the polls towards Romney the very next day.

That was it, the election was over from that day on. The American people that were undecided, mostly because they did not have enough information, had finally made up their minds. They had been listening to the relentless, negative, shameful and completely phony attacks coming from Obama for almost a year. Then, they finally had the chance to hear from the man himself, and that was all it took to erase a year of campaigning, mud-slinging and negative ads on the part of the Obama campaign.

So, go ahead Barack, you are a desperate, lying, pathetic liberal hack and unfortunately for you a majority of the people that will be casting their ballots on Tuesday have decided for themselves who Mitt Romney is, and they don't believe you. Enjoy your new home in Hawaii, feel free to stay out of the headlines and off of the mainland for as long as humanly possible, we've quiet simply had enough of your radical communist revolutionary, anti-American, hate the rich, class-warfare, revenge, punish your enemies tactics for a good long time. We are not the America that you and your comrades are so desperately trying to turn us into. Not even close.

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