Sunday, October 14, 2012

It Is Time To Pick A Side!

There are plenty people out there that hold the position that Romney and Obama are the same. I find this comparison to be mind-numbing. They can then recite facts that go back decades to prove how a vote for either is a vote for the exact same thing. It doesn't matter, they are both part of the grand conspiracy to control us all.

Let's just focus on the last few years, say, since around February or March of 2009. Events took place during that time that changed the trajectory of our country, our culture and our future. Those events were a shocking wake-up call to millions of Americans who had become complacent in their freedom and had mostly turned their backs on the political process out of exasperation at what it had become. Why bother, and they retreated into the confines of their everyday lives assuming that the America they knew and loved was so strong that it would somehow, magically always be the way that it has always been. 

In short, these patriotic Americans turned the hen house over to the wolves. And, as a result, they woke up in early 2009 to the reality that they had allowed to exist and realized that they could no longer afford the luxury of complacency. Those Americans are now engaged in the battle to reclaim and restore the great country that they once took for granted.

Now to the argument that both parties are the same, and both presidential candidates are the same. Let's look at the Republican Party. It has no doubt strayed from its principles of conservatism and needs to be, and is in the process of, being reformed. The Tea Party and other Conservative Americans began that task in earnest after the events of early 2009. It is a task that will surely take years if not decades and many election cycles. They now know the facts, have seen the errors of the past and are committed to stop the future from turning into the failed state, socialist hell the liberal agenda has it on the path towards.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Communist, anti-capitalist anarchists that are trying to DESTROY AMERICA, with plenty help from our ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic.  They are out to destroy every aspect of what once made America a great country. At the heart of this battle is their war against Capitalism. They are die-hard Socialists/Communists and in order to achieve their utopia, Capitalism must die. All of their efforts are aimed at the total destruction of what Conservatives value and want to preserve. Republicans may have some fiscal issues and pander to the left far too often, but they are not out to destroy Capitalism, and with it America.

For those who believe both sides are the same, to stand back and throw rocks at BOTH is not at all helpful, either pick a side and get in the fight and help the rest of us begin to hold our elected representatives accountable or SHUT THE HE** UP! Your efforts to create change from the outside are largely failing. Real change will come from within.

I do not know if the Republican Party can be reformed, but I see that as the starting point. I am not ready to abandon it and throw all of my energy behind a third party. We are only 1, almost 2, election cycles into this rebirth, re-focus, and revitalization of the Republican Party and the politics as usual of our nations Capitol. It is way to early to tell if we will be successful at transforming the party. I certainly hope so, but there may come a day when tens of millions of conservatives decide they are done with the semi-socialist elements of the establishment Republicans and form a third party - a Conservative Party. I hope this isn't necessary since it will involve a level of destruction without much certainty as to the ultimate outcome as a viable solution to the liberal disease that is eating away at this country.

What I am confident in is this, if anyone on the right tries to pull the crap that Bush or any moderate, establishment Republican has gotten away with over the last 20 years or so, especially the last 10, in today's political environment, the wrath they experience will be substantial. This is not 2008 or anytime before that. 

However, it would be foolish to think we can reform the entire party and all Republicans in short order, we will not be able to stop every establishment hack Republican from casting stupid votes that we disagree with. But we are doing - and will continue to do - everything in our power to hold them accountable from this point forward. Our loyalty to them is only good until the next election cycle unless they walk the walk and not just talk the talk like we as a nation became so accustomed to until early in 2009. Maybe all those who believe both parties are the same missed the wake up call, but MILLIONS of us didn't.

Furthermore, if Romney wins in November and then thinks he can get away with what Bush got away with, he is in for a merciless wake up call from those of us that are helping to get him elected. No Republican will get away with the crap we've witnessed over the years just because he's "our guy" as has been the case in the past and is still the case on the left. It is put-up or shut-up time and We The People are paying attention. IMHO.

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