Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chicago: One of US's Least Gun-Friendly Cities Now One of World's Deadliest

"Yet even as gun groups point out the connection between this violence and gun laws that guarantee only criminals will be in possession of a firearm, others, like author Edward McCelland, are quick to attribute the deadly aspects of the Windy City to poverty."

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Poverty? Seriously? In typical liberal fashion, the elitist Chicago politicians that run the state allow the violence to grow yet will refuse to address one of the fundamental causes of this carnage - strict gun control laws, among the strictest in the nation.

They refuse, they are so militantly committed to their radical agenda of disarming America, the daily carnage inflicted upon innocent Chicagoans - some just small children -  are just the few eggs that must be broken to make their ideological omelet.

They are not the Party that cares about the people. The people are there to serve their political agenda and unfortunately too many are willing accomplices. In my opinion, to be a part of the Democratic Party, or to ever vote for a Democrat is to be either one of the radicals that is working alongside the socialist/communist revolutionaries, or to be a useful idiot that has bought into their all-consuming lies and distortions, one of their blind but committed foot soldiers helping them drag this country to hell.

To that I say WAKE THE H**L UP!

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