Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Black Panther: We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

Is this what Obama was referring to when he called for a "civilian army, just as powerful, just as well funded as our military?"

Sound farfetched? Imagine the fury of 200+ years of hate-mongering unleashed onto the streets of a society where law and order have broken down. Imagine the inner cities full of angry blacks that have been fed lies their entire life about how they are being oppressed by the evil rich white people in the suburbs. Imagine that law enforcement is overwhelmed in your community.

Starting to get the picture? This kind of evil hate-mongering is not going to end well if circumstances ever reach that sort of boiling point. The inner cities across this country are festering cauldrons of racism and violence. There is a scenario where that could be unleashed on you in your community.

If you haven't figured that out and at least begun to take the necessary steps to give yourself a fighting chance, well, you better get started. This may not ever happen - God willing - or if it does it may not be for a hundred years, but make no mistake about this, there are forces pushing our society in this direction! Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright to name a few.

Just look at the outbreak of inner city mob violence that has been occurring on a near daily basis all across the country, click here for the latest example. Angry mobs of young blacks terrorizing innocent - mostly white - citizens that happen to have the misfortune of being in their path. How far will this spread? What is the tipping point? What if Obama loses in November? All I'm saying is to be aware of the reality of the world as it is today, not how we wish it to be.

I am not the racist, although by even writing this many will probably accuse me of racism. Well, come to think of it I've already been labeled a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, right-wing extremist, so at this point who cares. But, for the record, I am white and have never given a second thought about a person's skin color. That's just how I was raised, I actually took to heart Martin Luther King's words - it's about content of character, not color of skin.

I see the racial hatred being fomented against whites. Ever try to walk down the street of any city at say the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd and Malcom X Blvd? Good luck. You're dead, period.

I'm not trying to stir up anger or violence, I am merely pointing out what is obvious if you have ever lived in a big city anywhere in America.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some California ‘Meter Maids’ Are Making Nearly $100K a Year

"There have been calls to partially automate and privatize the positions, but Hermosa Beach Police Chief Steve Johnson and Councilman Howard Fishman are seemingly opposed to eliminating any union jobs, whatever the cost to taxpayers."

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Therein lies the inherent conflict between the union mentality and the free market. And what better place to spread this inefficient and destructive mentality than the public sector. There is no profit motive and everything is negotiable as long as you can slip it past the voters.

The public sector has become a tool for the socialists to accomplish their wealth redistribution goals. The taxpayers are the ones with the jobs, working in a competitive environment for a competitive wage, being forced to fork over ever increasing amounts to satisfy the endless demands of the union bosses.

It makes absolutely no sense to pay an unskilled laborer almost $100,000 a year with full retirement and medical benefits, unless of course you view this through the socialist eye, then it makes perfect sense.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Obama's Massive 2nd-Term Industry Takeover Plans

"...second-term plans for the federal government to enact a 'living wage' that would force all employers to increase the salaries of the nation’s workers to meet 'basic needs' such as housing, food, utilities, transportation, health care and recreation."

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Welcome to the United Socialist States of America if Obama should somehow manage to lie, cheat and steal his way into a second term. His desire to impose the governments will onto all industry should he succeed in winning a second term should be a shock wave to all Americans. Words that may not cause too much thought for many Americans as they shrug off as rhetoric, are in fact backed by specific goals and objectives.

It's like he is using a subtle code that those who follow him closely, his believers, know exactly what he is talking about - and they love it. They love it because he is talking about the government takeover of American private industry. He is talking about nationalizing private industry. This is nothing short of full blown Socialism. But unfortunately there are also too many Americans that let the words he speaks pass right by and probably don't give it much of a thought because they are not fully engaged in the political process, and they do not understand just how radical Obama and his disciples are.

They do not understand that we are fighting to preserve Capitalism and trying to reclaim what's left of our once great country from the jaws of the all consuming federal destruction machine.

If those same disengaged Americans understood what happened to GM, if they were paying attention, they might realize that his words are very, very dangerous. Just ask the bond holders of GM. Just ask the non-union employees of GM. Just ask the private citizens that owned the 1,100 dealerships that were ordered to shut down. Just look a little more closely and see how the "saving" of GM was nothing more than a gangster government stepping in and handing the company over to the unions, screwing investors and bondholders, breaking American Bankruptcy law and using our tax dollars to fund the entire scam.

He did not save a million jobs as he and his minions claim. He did not save the auto industry as they also claim. These are just more of the over-the-top outrageous lies that they spin to create a false history that they can then point to and say "look what we did, aren't we great, just give us more power."

One of the main defenses against this ridiculous propaganda is an informed electorate, something this country is woefully short of. The left is winning, America is being dumbed-down to stupefying levels, the radicals are having their way and will continue until more people wake up and stop giving them power. It is really that simple, yet may be the battle of the ages to determine whether or not America continues as a free Republic. We are closer to extinction than most realize.

But, we must keep fighting, keep pushing back, keep exposing these lunatics for what they are and keep spreading the truth through any means available. It is up to those of us that know better. The enemy is within and they are working tirelessly to achieve their ultimate utopian dream of destroying the American Culture, the American Capitalist system and with that the future that we must fight to preserve for our children and future generations. That they may be able to enjoy the freedoms that so many, for so long, have taken for granted and are on the verge of throwing away.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Attack Ad Targeting Allen West Depicts Him Beating Women

“West has socked it to seniors”
“He’s whacked women with his votes”
“He’s mauled middle class families"
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The insanity of the left will go just about as far as the American public is foolish enough to believe. And that unfortunately appears to be pretty far.

Allen West is beating up old ladies.

Mitt Romney killed a steel workers wife.

And Barack Obama has once again reduced the office of the Presidency to new lows by peddling free contraceptives to American women in an effort to win their support. Really, the POTUS is out on the campaign trail actually peddling free contraceptives. What an embarrassment.

But when you have no rules to follow, except that there are no rules, nothing is off the table. These maniacs will say and do whatever is necessary to accomplish their objective of maintaining power and further unleashing their radical agenda on this country.

Every bit of the effort from the left is aimed at one thing, and it is always this way. It is aimed at destroying the character of their opponent and demonizing them in the public's eye. Rules of warfare call for demonizing your enemy to win the support of your followers. That's how you win support for your cause, not based on the merits of the cause, destroy the enemy at any cost. Therefore, Mitt Romney is an evil rich guy that steals from poor hard working Americans. Forget the issues, go after the individual.

Remember, it is of means and ends, the Alinsky way. So if the end justifies the means, truth has no meaning and anything can be said or done as long as it furthers the objective. We are not dealing with reasonable people, there is nothing to debate on these issues and maybe someday the Republicans will learn how to successfully counter these constant character assassination attacks.

It isn't hard, it just takes a better understanding of the game that is being played. Republicans are too busy trying to be nice and defend the constant negative attacks, which thereby give the lies and distortions credibility, just by their mere attempts at defending themselves against them.

As I write about in my eBook "The Insanity of Liberalism" the very first objective of a conservative is to immediately stop the false argument from gaining traction and moving forward. That is the rebuttal, not a defensive response, but an offensive attack against the illegitimacy of the lie. Defense of oneself against the claims of the lie, only furthers the lie and helps ingrain the subject into the minds of the average American not paying very close attention. It's a subtle, almost hypnotic, type of technique and it works.

As Alinsky says, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. So as long as the conversation is about whether or not Romney or West, or any other Conservative is evil - which is the conversation when they are defending themselves against false claims - it furthers the agenda and the subtle impression that becomes the dominate impression in the minds of the least engaged voters.

And that is what liberalism is counting on, the least involved voter showing up on election day to push their guy across the finish line without having barely a shred of real information or understanding about what or who they are voting for. All by design thanks to the left.

Republicans need to take a verbal self-defense course on how to deal with the barrage of Alinsky tactics unleashed on them on a daily basis. These are not isolated events. It is real, it is right out of the radical communist revolutionary playbook and all die-hard liberals with a voice operate using these tactics. Therein lies the INSANITY of it all!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chicago: One of US's Least Gun-Friendly Cities Now One of World's Deadliest

"Yet even as gun groups point out the connection between this violence and gun laws that guarantee only criminals will be in possession of a firearm, others, like author Edward McCelland, are quick to attribute the deadly aspects of the Windy City to poverty."

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Poverty? Seriously? In typical liberal fashion, the elitist Chicago politicians that run the state allow the violence to grow yet will refuse to address one of the fundamental causes of this carnage - strict gun control laws, among the strictest in the nation.

They refuse, they are so militantly committed to their radical agenda of disarming America, the daily carnage inflicted upon innocent Chicagoans - some just small children -  are just the few eggs that must be broken to make their ideological omelet.

They are not the Party that cares about the people. The people are there to serve their political agenda and unfortunately too many are willing accomplices. In my opinion, to be a part of the Democratic Party, or to ever vote for a Democrat is to be either one of the radicals that is working alongside the socialist/communist revolutionaries, or to be a useful idiot that has bought into their all-consuming lies and distortions, one of their blind but committed foot soldiers helping them drag this country to hell.

To that I say WAKE THE H**L UP!