Friday, July 27, 2012

Barack Obama Sr: Tax Rich At 100% Of Income

This short video clip of the new film just released "2016: Obama's America" highlights yet another of the many flaws of liberal thinking. Obama Sr. states that a Government has the right to tax the wealthy at 100%.

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While that may be theoretically true, what radicals and liberals like Obama, his father and the rest of the looney gang refuse to accept, are the natural consequences of such action. Human beings are self-motivated, and that is a good thing. No human being will rise to the same level of achievement if 100% of that which those efforts produce is confiscated.

And that in a nutshell is why Communism has never and will never work! It violates one of the most basic principles of human nature, that we are motivated out of self-interest. Everything we do flows from that premise and if an all-powerful governing body attempts to impose itself on a society the inevitable result is the eventual collapse of that society.

History proves this out, everything smart people know about human nature proves this out, but ask any liberal and they will try to guilt and shame you out of that most basic understanding of the human condition. To them, to be self-interested is selfish and evil and the root cause of all of the suffering and poverty that exists in America and around the world. It is peoples selfishness that keeps so much from all of those who have so little.

Put simply, they are wrong, and as usual take a basic principle and attempt to twist into its dark potential and make that reality. Yes, selfishness is not a virtue, but most people (except Joe Biden and Barack Obama before he was elected, and many, many other liberals) understand that what they have achieved is a blessing from God and that with that blessing comes responsibility. Responsibility to give back to the system that allowed them to achieve the wealth and success in the first place.

That is why charitable giving is so important, but from the individual, not the government. And that is what the radicals on the left want to change. They want to decide who gets what and how much.

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