Thursday, May 17, 2012

Romney Rejects Using the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Against Obama

Here we go again. I once said that I would not vote for another moderate Republican. I meant it at the time. Since then, after watching another year or so of Obama's destruction I have had second thoughts.

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But how is a Tea Party Conservative, small government, free market American supposed to react when Romney - after all but securing the Republican nomination - runs out of the gate in exactly the same footsteps vacated by John McCain.

This is no time for Republican light. We need boldness, we need a Conservative politician that will hit back against the ridiculous rhetoric spewed daily by Obama and his minions. Is this what we are in for? Are we going to be subjected to watching our only hope get beaten about on a daily basis while making the lame excuse that he is going to rise above it, and even condemning those who go after Obama and his radical past?

Was he "rising above it" when he went after Gingrich in the primary? What about his attacks on Santorum? He was in full and complete attack mode and had no problem dragging his fellow Republicans into the mud during Republican primary process.

So, do I have this correctly, to a R.I.N.O. like Romney Conservatives are fair game and anything goes. But a radical, socialist, anti-American liberal like Obama is off limits?

It is going to be very difficult to hold my nose and vote for this guy come November. Unless of course he changes his tactics between now and then.


  1. I couldn't agree more. He will destroy Gingrich and Santorum to get the nominee, but now he turns into John McCain

  2. Americans have a very tough choice this year. Vote for Obama - everyone knows what this means. Vote for Romney - maybe there is a slight hope that he forms a conservative cabinet and things will change a bit. Vote for an independent/third party/Tea Party candidate - and Obama will win. Do not vote at all - and Obama stays for another four years...