Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Post Bi-Partisan World

It is probably safe to say that millions of Americans are waking up to the reality that things may not be as they have been, or as they thought they once were. As a result, the growing realization is that we are witnessing the death of an old era, or established way of seeing the world around us, and the birth of a new era, a new way of seeing the world.

We are post something, I originally thought, as I was contemplating the content of this article. What was was, and is no longer. We must awaken to what is.

At the heart of this new era is the way in which we relate to and deal with challenges collectively as individuals, families, communities, cultures and even nations. If it can be summed up into a few words, I would describe the new era as one defined by the lack of cooperation, or bi-partisanship as it is called in politics, between those with differing views.

When did the pendulum swing, and this new era show itself to the world and all those paying attention? I would zero in on one important period of time that has so far defined this post bi-partisan era. That period of time is the few months leading up to and then the passage of Obama's signature healthcare legislation in 2010.

Sure, there was talk of bi-partisanship, but in the end a majority of the ruling class politicians decided to impose their will onto the nation and rammed through this heinous and destructive new law. A law whose ramifications have barely begun to be felt. A law that if fully implemented will change the American experience forever.

But the impact of healthcare legislation on our country is not the point of this article. The point is the process and what it should represent to concerned Americans.We are no longer witnessing two political Parties with differing views, yet orbiting around the same basic set of American values and principles, so that regardless of the outcome American culture and its citizens will be protected and their lives will be enriched. No, what we are now witnessing is something entirely different.

We are witnessing the birth of a new era in American and world culture and society. An era where opposing views cannot be negotiated to a mutually satisfactory decision somewhere in the middle. This is an era that will be defined by the brute force of power facilitating whatever change that lies ahead of us. Compromise is either phony and temporary, or capitulation that will move the process more subtly along the opposition's path, rather than all at once.

What has existed for at least the last 100 years is a slow culmination of power, disguised as compassion and concern for the little guy, for the middle class, for the working man, for the oppressed minorities, for anyone and everyone that could be convinced that what was being said was in fact true and sincere. To accumulate this power has required stealth, to look and play the part of an ordinary American, clean cut, even wear a suit where necessary, go along to get along. But the heart of this new breed of American was and has been corrupt, anti-American and radical to its core.

This new breed of American that arrived on the political/cultural scene did not approve of the status quo and set about to destroy it. They adopted radical positions and embraced the ideology of history's monsters, Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. They devised tactics to trick and deceive people into believing they were just as American and just as concerned about this great Republic as anyone else. Yet, in their heart they hated everything this country stands for and have been working tirelessly to tear it down.

Their slow and steady accumulation of power went largely undetected, and certainly undeterred. They have made their way through all of the institutions of power, embracing the Marxist ideology that you do not gain power at the end of a gun, at least not at first. You must first trick people into believing you are there to help, that you can be trusted, that their gentle disarming of you is for your own good and will not cause you any trouble.

They have steadily and quietly made their way through our public education system to a point where they serve primarily as institutions of indoctrination, rather than teaching and reinforcing American values and principles, they have been cleverly undermining those very principles. They own the entertainment industry and spew endless filth designed to distract and destroy American family values and any sense of morality. Media institutions have become their ministers of propaganda, churning out lies and deception aimed at convincing an unaware public that what they are saying is true, reliable and factual, when it is really a complete distortion of reality aimed at furthering the stealthy advance of their cause.

But, somewhere along the way they have become emboldened. They seem to have made the calculation that they have indoctrinated enough of the American population into their radical destructive ideology that it is now safe to come out of hiding. The election of Barack Obama, and his actions since he became President are daily proof that this radical ideology is now safe to present itself out in the light of day for all to see.

Their 100 year march in the darkness is over, they have played nice and pretended to get along. The reality is that they were never playing nice and any compromise was only temporary, just long enough for the short sighted, easily distracted American public to forget what they said only recently. Rather than drag this country to hell all at once, like they would have liked to do decades ago - by the end of a gun if necessary, they chose a slower more subtle approach. I have called it "liberal incrementalism". Whatever it was, that time is now over and the new era has begun.

The new era is defined by the daily assault by these radicals out in the open for all to see. Regular, middle class Americans are being demonized as radical, called names and treated like criminals. American businesses are being raided in broad daylight, extorted and bullied. The highest political office of this country has been reduced to a bully pulpit, where our President chides, demeans, attacks and insults every pillar of this great country, every symbol of its heritage and history, and every patriotic American that doesn't agree with his radical agenda. Yes, the masks have come off - remember the Newsweek cover shortly after Obama was elected "We're All Socialists Now?"

They are who those of us paying attention have known them to be for some time. The trick to their power, and the continued advance of their agenda is in the continuation of their lies and propaganda by an uniformed and mostly disengaged electorate. If all Americans new the truth, these radical, anti-American progressive maniacs would never win more than 15% - 20% of any elected offices across this country.

They are out of the closet and they are attacking every day. They are openly screaming for tax hikes on "the rich" demanding they pay "their fair share." They are ignoring millions of Americans that have legitimate concerns about the direction we are headed. They don't care and they will not be stopped through political persuasion. They will not give one inch of ground that they have gained over the last hundred years.

Therein lies the proof of my opening remarks, and the title of this article. Bi-partisanship is dead, the only way to effect real change will be through accumulating political majorities and then using that power to enact an agenda - the right agenda, the agenda that will save this country, with the radicals and their useful idiots kicking and screaming the entire way. They will not cooperate, they will and already are accusing those trying to do the right thing of hating Americans, of wanting to kill the elderly, of being evil and racist, wanting to persecute all minorities, the poor and the sick. They have adopted Saul Alinsky's rules and tactics as their playbook and will never, ever give in to a single inch of what the sane Americans are trying to do to prevent this country from complete collapse and disaster.

Get used to it America, we are witnessing the birth of a new era. An era that we must adapt to and learn how to succeed in. We must be willing to be subjected to the Alinsky style ridicule, smears and politics of personal destruction. We must be willing to be accused of being racist, bigots, homophobes, Islamaphobes. We must get used to being scorned and bullied any time we try to do the right thing. We must learn to respond to these radicals for what they are and not give them an inch of ground, ever. We must accumulate the necessary power to enact the right change and then cram it down their throats as they did with us during Obama's first two years of office.

That is the brave new world we live in, like it or not. They will never stop attacking, and neither should we. It may take another hundred years to restore America to a God fearing, morally based society where right and wrong are not relative, where our children are taught the real history of this country, history of rugged individualism, of exceptionalism, of strength and power used to protect the weak and promote freedom around the world. To a country where anything is possible, but it is up to the individual not the government to achieve it.

None of this will be achieved through bi-partisanship. None. Only true Americans can do the work necessary to take America back from the radicals that have used this time in history to come out of the closet, to come out of hiding and show themselves to the world. That is perhaps their biggest miscalculation. That is perhaps the first step of their eventual destruction and extinction. America is not ready to become a third world, big government communist society. At the moment the radicals came out of hiding and extended their reach, thinking they were within reach of their ultimate goal, they have shown themselves in the light of day and for that will eventually be destroyed. Not necessarily by force, but by pure political will, the will of the American spirit is alive and well and will not go quietly into the night. Oh no, not for a minute.