Friday, August 5, 2011

Russia Uses Dirty Tricks Despite U.S. ‘Reset’

Let's face it, nothing has changed here. Democrats think they can win friends and influence by being nice. World dictators, and a lot of other leaders and powerful people, see kindness as weakness. It is a simple fact of human nature. Liberals are enamored with their delusional self-images and think the rest of the world sees them the same way. They are wrong. They look like fools. They are being laughed at.

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Who isn't laughing at us right now? China, Russia, the entire Middle East. The Obama administration is an international embarrassment. So he got Bin Laden, that was the result of 10 years of expert intelligence and surveillance and had nothing to do with the Democrat holding the office of President. He had to kill Bin Laden given the criticism of Clinton for not getting him the many chances he had in the 90's.

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