Saturday, August 27, 2011

While In Congress “Morning” Joe Scarborough Introduced Resolution Condemning MSNBC Colleague Al Sharpton

One look at this picture of Al Sharpton should make very obvious one of the many challenges we have as a country. Here is one of this country's prominent (like it or not) politicians representing his constituents.

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Do you think you and I will ever see eye-to-eye with this crowd? It will never happen, and racist hacks like Al Sharpton will continue to exploit our differences for the sake of political gain. He and his constituents will never want to sit down across the table from you and I to work out any differences - perceived or real.

The conversation will always be about how oppressed they are as minorities and how the evil white man is responsible. It will always be about how much they are entitled to, that has been taken away from them, by these same evil white people.

This is the sad reality, the ugly underbelly of our country. There will never be full assimilation of the black culture into America. They have been indoctrinated by the left to believe that American culture equals White culture and they reject it and call anyone that doesn't "oreo's" and sell outs.

Drive down any American inner city black neighborhood and tell me how safe you feel. That's not me being a racist, that is me recognizing the sad reality that there is so much hatred and anger fomented towards whites that we in fact are not safe in those neighborhoods. Someone, somehow, some way the message needs to get through that the only people really being hurt by clinging to such a destructive culture are themselves.

I don't judge based on color, but I do judge based on attitude and behavior, and I judge the ghetto culture to be destructive, racist and violent. I judge the negative effects of such a destructive and violent values system, but not because the perpetrators are black. It's all about content of character, not color of skin.

Imagine what Martin Luther King Jr. would say if he could see what has become of his dream.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Russia Uses Dirty Tricks Despite U.S. ‘Reset’

Let's face it, nothing has changed here. Democrats think they can win friends and influence by being nice. World dictators, and a lot of other leaders and powerful people, see kindness as weakness. It is a simple fact of human nature. Liberals are enamored with their delusional self-images and think the rest of the world sees them the same way. They are wrong. They look like fools. They are being laughed at.

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Who isn't laughing at us right now? China, Russia, the entire Middle East. The Obama administration is an international embarrassment. So he got Bin Laden, that was the result of 10 years of expert intelligence and surveillance and had nothing to do with the Democrat holding the office of President. He had to kill Bin Laden given the criticism of Clinton for not getting him the many chances he had in the 90's.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VIDEO: Marco Rubio Rails on Debt Crisis Hypocrisy

"..compromise that's not a solution is a waste of time." - Senator Marco Rubio

Russia's Post Office Issues Stamps To Mark Obama's 50th Birthday

While Putin calls the USA a "parasite" his country honors a fellow comrade. How ironic and fitting that a communist nation is honoring a sitting American President....that just happens to be a communist.

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$2.4 Trillion Would Be Largest Debt-Limit Increase in U.S. History

The headline says it all, the Republicans have once again been played. What did they get in return for ensuring that this debate will not come up again until after the 2012 election, when the liberals will suddenly change their tune and begin yelling and screaming about the wasteful government spending that must be stopped (that is assuming a Republican wins)? They got phony cuts to a baseline budget that will never materialize and the certainty that large spending cuts to military and tax hikes are on the table. They gave Obama a $2.4 trillion blank check, and have done nothing ($67 billion the first two years) to cut real spending today.

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Way to go Republicans, you have once again outdone yourself, surpassing the level of incompetence you displayed during the budget battle just a few short months ago. Didn't you tell us, just wait, the real battle over the debt limit is coming and we'll get them then? Wasn't that the story? Now it's, just wait until 2012 when you give us more control in the Senate and the Presidency, then we'll really show you what we're made of.

I don't think so, what they have demonstrated over and over is that they do not have the political will to fight a real fight. They fold, they cave, they capitulate and give in once the rhetoric goes against them. They are weak. The only time I have seen them really stand and fight for something was early in 2009 voting in lockstep against the stimulus and in 2010 against healthcare when their votes were really just symbolic. They love to take a stand and show us how tough they are when they have no real power. But now when they have a real opportunity to change the trajectory of this country they give away the farm...again. So disappointing, yet predictable.

There are true conservatives that will not back down in the face of their radical, maniacal opposition and that is where the focus must be. There are 2 choices, continue to focus efforts on reforming the Republican party by voting out the phony RINO's in primaries, or go third party. There are days like today when the latter road looks like a good idea, but I usually come around and start looking at where the next battles will be fought. 2012 is not far away and it must represent another big step for conservative America, the future of the country depends on it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Politico: The Tea Party's Terrorist Tactics

Politico holds nothing back in this recent article, attacking every-day Americans that agree with Tea Party principles as "terrorists." That's right, with the recent Norway massacre they now feel they have the necessary vehicle to make that label stick. They are wrong on principle, wrong on direction, wrong on everything, so they seek to destroy the credibility of all whom they oppose. Saul Alinsky tactics at work as usual.

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Never underestimate their ability to frame the narrative. While the average self-identified conservative American can see right through this Alinsky style propaganda, there are far to many unaware Americans that are blindly influenced by this rhetoric. The simple truth is that it does work. Like it or not, believe it or not, it works. It worked on framing public perception of Sarah Palin - the mere mention of her name is almost toxic around those who do not know the truth, it worked on Glenn Beck - look what constant smearing did to the advertising base of his show on FOX, and it has had an affect in nearly every conversation had where public opinion is present.

That doesn't mean they will be successful in stopping the Tea Party. Just as they have not been successful in stopping Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. But there are perhaps millions of Americans that will continue to be difficult to reach with the truth, so long as they continue to remain passively involved and take their cues form the liberal mainstream media talking points.