Thursday, April 21, 2011

LEAKED: Obama Executive Order Requires Companies to Disclose Political Contributions to be Considered for Government Contracts

The thug-in-chief is planning yet another move around Congress and the American people to unleash more of his radical, revolutionary agenda. Consider the implications of having to disclose to the extremely partisan liberal government who your company, its executive officers and board members made political contributions to.

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Do you think conservatives or Republicans will get fair and equal treatment in this scenario? Hardly. This is just another of his outrageous attempts to destroy anything that resembles a free and fair market so that he and only he can determine who the winners and losers are. This is despicable and outrageous, yet not a word will be spoken about it by the pathetic media, except maybe to parrot the talking point of transparency and fairness. After all isn't full disclosure only reasonable and fair? These people disgust me to the very core.

How much of this will Americans take?

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