Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Senate to Hold Hearings on Muslims' Rights

The Democrats just can't help themselves. They must continually pander to our adversaries in ways that compromise our culture, our political debate and our national security. Today they announced hearings to investigate the rights of Muslims in the United States, countering the hearings held a couple weeks ago by the Republicans to address the growing problem with Muslim radicalization in our country.

Click hear for article: Senate to hold hearings on Muslims' rights

Now that's a real problem, but the Democrats have to go and do everything they can to undermine whatever it is that the Republicans do that might actually help protect us. After all, Muslim rights in America mean a lot more to the liberals than the rights of anyone that doesn't agree with them. We'd all be behind bars or in the many detention facilities that have recently popped up around the country if it were up to them.

So, let's all make sure they never get that kind of power. They are playing for keeps folks.

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