Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obama The Weakest President in U.S. History

No arguments here. Obama is without a doubt proving to be the weakest President in American history. However, for all of his apparent weakness, there is perhaps an underlying motive. If you are in the camp of people that believes Obama and his kind are radical communist revolutionaries that have been brainwashed since birth to hate America and everything that makes this country great, you may understand that it might not be weakness motivating him.

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If you further understand how radical his friends like Bill Ayers are, how devoted they are to the Alinsky principles of accumulating power for the end goal of radical destruction of America and any form of Capitalism, you might understand that he is not motivated out of weakness or incompetence.

If you also know that the radicals learned long ago not to expose their true intentions, they learned to hide how corrupt and uncaring they are for those they disagree with. If you know the level of outright hatred they have for everything we believe in and stand for, well, you may have a bit of a different take on his recent actions in response to recent world events.

No, his actions are right in line with all of the above. If there is one thing that those of us that truly know and understand Obama and his kind is that his inaction is calculated. He does not want to quell the unrest that is brewing around the world. We know that civil unrest, chaos and friction are the tools of the radical Alsinskyite trade. They recognize it is precisely those conditions that create the best environment to accomplish their end goal of radical destruction and imposition of world communism.

So Barack Obama sits back and watches, waiting and hoping things continue to devolve into further chaos, for that chaos to reach our shores and to spill out into our streets as well. Only then are the conditions best for he and his radical accomplices to achieve their ultimate goal and turn us all into slaves of oppression and tyranny.

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