Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama on Illegal Aliens: "We Don't Want to Deport Them; We Want Them to Succeed"

President Obama comes right out and announces his position on illegal aliens: Unless you are a criminal, you are welcome here, regardless of how you got here.

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That is one giant slap in the face to the history and culture of this country, and the legacy of assimilation America is known for and was made great as a result of. But of course, he is not interested in preserving American culture, he is primarily interested in votes for him and his radical ideologues that are marching forward with their destruction of this country.

What a sad and despicable human being, knowingly helping to destroy the culture of America for the sole purpose of getting votes for his party. As I have said often, liberals are only concerned with one thing, power over you and I to unleash their radical agenda on this country. Absolutely NOTHING else matters.


  1. funny how people from illegal aliens are telling other illegal aliens to leave "their country". I think this picture sould , instead of uncle sam, be a picture of a native american chief. atleast the new "illegal aliens" are not useing fear , violence, and force to take over "your country" like your people did.

  2. lol im not a liberal , but before you talk about this countrys history and culture, read some history books. f.y.i. maybe something on the trail of tears or a book on the indian wars. this country was built on lies and deceptive ideals from the start. and continues to teach how graet and honest this country was built. sir i will say that the america that you speak of is a story book fairytale land that does not exist. i do not agree with obama and think he is by far the worst leader we have ever had , but truth is truth. dont talk about something till you know all the facts.