Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harry Reid Demonizing Tea Party Americans

Extremely radical liberal Democrats like Harry Reid never miss an opportunity to exercise their God given right to practice their Alinsky tactics for the sole purpose of gaining or maintaining power over Americans in order to continue to wreak havoc on everything we believe in.

This radical, communist, anti-American thinks that the average, traditional values, Tea Party participant is a radical and dangerous influence to this country and the Republican Party. He is doing everything in his power, along with the help of the liberal media, to marginalize and thereby destroy the voice of what I consider to be the very heart and soul of this country.

If these guys aren't at war with America, then I don't know what else to call it. This is a no-holds-barred, anything-goes, knock-down-drag-out battle folks. Respond accordingly. These lunatics must be removed from power. Unfortunately this nut job managed to swindle and lie his way into another 6 year term. That's okay, patience, Americans will get another chance.

Please remember to always refer to Democrats as radical, extreme, communists, revolutionaries, etc. in an effort to better inform those that may not realize that is what we are dealing with. Never, ever give them an inch of ground. They are radical, they are extreme, they are destructive to this country and the world, they are a menace to all that is good and right. People need to continue to wake up to this reality. It is up to all of us to facilitate this process, most Republicans in DC are too busy being nice and trying to get along, hoping for a spot on CNN or MSNBC to be belittled and mocked by the liberal media.

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