Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do You Know Who is Leading the NFL Players in the Strike?

For those that may be following the NFL players strike, below is a short bio on their executive director, DeMaurice Smith. I heard something on him when he was first elected that led me to believe he was trouble, Alinsky radical trouble. Here's all I need to know, from the article:

"Smith is an NFL outsider who has no labor law experience, but has ties to President Barack Obama and worked with new U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder."

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I may be jumping to conclusions, but if these guys have proven anything the last couple years it's that they are what we knew them to be and it didn't take much to figure that out. From what little I have seen and heard, Mr. Smith sounds like just another social justice, wealth redistribution, socialist thug. But I may be profiling a bit here.

Be sure to watch the negotiations through that prism to better understand what is going on as they attempt to reach any sort of compromise. It is going to get ugly because he will be making unreasonable demands and the NFL owners aren't about to be rolled by just another punk union thug.

Click here for article - NFL Talks Collapse

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