Sunday, March 13, 2011

Democrats Tea Party Template - Trying to Create Momentum From Wisconsin Union Battle

The Democrats, with the help from the liberal media, will do and say anything to win votes and elections. To now somehow say that the events in Wisconsin are for the Democrats providing a galvanizing energy like the events during the healthcare debate did for Republicans is just more ridiculous spin. The media will take up the battle cry and do everything in their power to help fan the flames of this issue, to create a false villain to demonize and use to get voters agitated and on their side.

Click here for article - "Democrats See Wisconsin Loss as Galvanizing"

This would be laughable if it weren't so effective. The media has considerable power to influence not just public opinion, but even more importantly, public perception. They have taken an important issue that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has addressed, twisted it into a national human rights injustice and will now beat that drum every day. And sadly, it will work.

Republicans and Conservatives need to not just win, but to win by a considerable margin to neutralize the exaggerated affect the media has on public perception. Like a sporting event that the officials are clearly calling in favor of one team. You can't just be a little better, you have to beat the team as well as the officials. This is what the liberal media has become to the detriment of Republicans, Conservatives, American culture and our history. Everybody except the radicals is losing in this environment.

Perhaps one day the majority will ignore the media, get organized, win majorities and do the right thing with the liberals and their complicit media kicking and screaming the whole way. Who cares what they think or say, everyone that opposes them will be demonized anyway, and a certain amount of useful idiots that don't know any better will continue to believe the lies and distortions. Just do the right thing and let them scream.

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