Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harry Reid Demonizing Tea Party Americans

Extremely radical liberal Democrats like Harry Reid never miss an opportunity to exercise their God given right to practice their Alinsky tactics for the sole purpose of gaining or maintaining power over Americans in order to continue to wreak havoc on everything we believe in.

This radical, communist, anti-American thinks that the average, traditional values, Tea Party participant is a radical and dangerous influence to this country and the Republican Party. He is doing everything in his power, along with the help of the liberal media, to marginalize and thereby destroy the voice of what I consider to be the very heart and soul of this country.

If these guys aren't at war with America, then I don't know what else to call it. This is a no-holds-barred, anything-goes, knock-down-drag-out battle folks. Respond accordingly. These lunatics must be removed from power. Unfortunately this nut job managed to swindle and lie his way into another 6 year term. That's okay, patience, Americans will get another chance.

Please remember to always refer to Democrats as radical, extreme, communists, revolutionaries, etc. in an effort to better inform those that may not realize that is what we are dealing with. Never, ever give them an inch of ground. They are radical, they are extreme, they are destructive to this country and the world, they are a menace to all that is good and right. People need to continue to wake up to this reality. It is up to all of us to facilitate this process, most Republicans in DC are too busy being nice and trying to get along, hoping for a spot on CNN or MSNBC to be belittled and mocked by the liberal media.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama on Illegal Aliens: "We Don't Want to Deport Them; We Want Them to Succeed"

President Obama comes right out and announces his position on illegal aliens: Unless you are a criminal, you are welcome here, regardless of how you got here.

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That is one giant slap in the face to the history and culture of this country, and the legacy of assimilation America is known for and was made great as a result of. But of course, he is not interested in preserving American culture, he is primarily interested in votes for him and his radical ideologues that are marching forward with their destruction of this country.

What a sad and despicable human being, knowingly helping to destroy the culture of America for the sole purpose of getting votes for his party. As I have said often, liberals are only concerned with one thing, power over you and I to unleash their radical agenda on this country. Absolutely NOTHING else matters.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama: Wisconsin Launching "Assault" on Unions

That is correct Mr. President, the assault you are referring to is just beginning. You and your radical buddies have had this country and culture under assault for the last hundred or so years. We are only beginning to fight back.

And yes, it will be a fight, we will wage whatever battle is necessary to defeat you and your radical friends, on whatever terms you necessary, however far down in the gutter you want to go, we will go there, we will not be intimidated by your union thug threats and attacks. We will hit back every time you strike, and we are not going away. You can bet your life on that punk.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Even the Communists are Surprised by Level of Radicalization of Dems in Wisconsin

This is nothing, wait until we take something really valuable away from them. These angry radicals are ready to fight, and will not go down quietly.

FYI, the term "radical" really means "radical Communist revolutionary." These lunatics are blinded by their hatred of Capitalism.

VIDEO: Trump Takes on Cast of The View Over Obama Birth Certificate

Way to go Trump, smashing a big giant hole through the ridiculous accusations that the so-called "birthers" are just a bunch of crazy, ignorant conspiracy theorists. Watch Whoopi squirm!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

U.S. Sues on Behalf of Muslim Teacher

Eric Holder and the Obama Administration once again showing us where their loyalties lie. It certainly is not with the American public, our history, our culture or our traditional norms or values. They just keep bending over backwards to appease Muslims.

Click here for article: U.S. sues on behalf of Muslim teacher

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Senate to Hold Hearings on Muslims' Rights

The Democrats just can't help themselves. They must continually pander to our adversaries in ways that compromise our culture, our political debate and our national security. Today they announced hearings to investigate the rights of Muslims in the United States, countering the hearings held a couple weeks ago by the Republicans to address the growing problem with Muslim radicalization in our country.

Click hear for article: Senate to hold hearings on Muslims' rights

Now that's a real problem, but the Democrats have to go and do everything they can to undermine whatever it is that the Republicans do that might actually help protect us. After all, Muslim rights in America mean a lot more to the liberals than the rights of anyone that doesn't agree with them. We'd all be behind bars or in the many detention facilities that have recently popped up around the country if it were up to them.

So, let's all make sure they never get that kind of power. They are playing for keeps folks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Obama Helping Al-Qaeda Gain Power in Libya?

Well, maybe. If so it explains why he took so long to act on the situation in Libya. On the one hand, Gaddafi is like a friend to him, an admirer who has heaped considerable praise onto Obama. Much like Hugo Chavez, Gaddafi has embraced Obama and his marxist aspirations.

Click here for article - Obama: Consistently Anti-American

But how can he ignore an opportunity to advance the reach of radical Islam? If Al-Qaeda is on the ground in Libya, fighting against Gaddafi, it helps explain Obama's reluctance to join the fight.

Looks to me like nothing good can come of this. The entire Middle East is on the road to strengthening the power of Islam, making it an even more formidable obstacle to any sort of stability that one would hope for. Forget it, this is only going to get worse and eventually spill onto our shores again, as it did on 9/11.

Allen West's Call to Action

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dictators Disagree With Helping Libya Civilians

Look who isn't happy with Obama's decision to provide military support to the citizens of Libya trying to free themselves from 4 decades of tyrannical rule by Gaddafi. These leaders don't like the idea of anyone interfering with their ability to impose horror and destruction on the populace.

While I am no big fan of anything that is happening over there, military or not, this is at least an indication we have struck a nerve with some of the more radical socialist/communist/marxist leaders and they don't like the idea of America imposing its will on any country, anywhere.

Putin disagrees:
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Hugo Chavez disagrees:
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Louis Farrakhan disagrees:
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Palin Warns of China's Rise in Visit to India

Sarah Palin is rapidly advancing her cause for a possible run in 2012. She has recently taken clear, unequivocal positions on key foreign policy issues, and been correct. As usual, she doesn't seem to be holding back, something that I find refreshing in this political climate of constant calculations and half-truths. She will look you in the eyes and tell you what she thinks, like this comment from the attached article:

"I will not sit back and take media criticism," Palin said. "Too often, Republicans, I don't know, they kind of have the fighting instinct of sheep."
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You go that right! Punch them right between the eyes and maybe, just maybe, they will come to life and get the message. The Republicans are afraid to fight - politically speaking - and that needs to change, immediately. I could care less about someone's polish, or their credentials, or this or that other thing that the media uses to build one candidate up or tear another down, as they have with Sarah Palin from day one. I want a President that speaks the truth, does what they say they are going to do and DEFENDS THE COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION relentlessly.

That means illegal immigration, the Cordoba House, big fat over-powerful labor unions, crony capitalism from Wall Street to DC, and more. I want someone that first and foremost can convince me that they are there to represent ME the American citizen, above all else. Nobody on the political horizon has convinced me more of that one primary point more than Sarah Palin has. And for that, she will definitely have my attention if she chooses to run in 2012.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obama The Weakest President in U.S. History

No arguments here. Obama is without a doubt proving to be the weakest President in American history. However, for all of his apparent weakness, there is perhaps an underlying motive. If you are in the camp of people that believes Obama and his kind are radical communist revolutionaries that have been brainwashed since birth to hate America and everything that makes this country great, you may understand that it might not be weakness motivating him.

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If you further understand how radical his friends like Bill Ayers are, how devoted they are to the Alinsky principles of accumulating power for the end goal of radical destruction of America and any form of Capitalism, you might understand that he is not motivated out of weakness or incompetence.

If you also know that the radicals learned long ago not to expose their true intentions, they learned to hide how corrupt and uncaring they are for those they disagree with. If you know the level of outright hatred they have for everything we believe in and stand for, well, you may have a bit of a different take on his recent actions in response to recent world events.

No, his actions are right in line with all of the above. If there is one thing that those of us that truly know and understand Obama and his kind is that his inaction is calculated. He does not want to quell the unrest that is brewing around the world. We know that civil unrest, chaos and friction are the tools of the radical Alsinskyite trade. They recognize it is precisely those conditions that create the best environment to accomplish their end goal of radical destruction and imposition of world communism.

So Barack Obama sits back and watches, waiting and hoping things continue to devolve into further chaos, for that chaos to reach our shores and to spill out into our streets as well. Only then are the conditions best for he and his radical accomplices to achieve their ultimate goal and turn us all into slaves of oppression and tyranny.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Administration Not Living Up to Promise of Transparency

Transparency? Oh ya, that was just one of those meaningless campaign promises. Americans didn't really believe he meant it did they?

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Democrats Tea Party Template - Trying to Create Momentum From Wisconsin Union Battle

The Democrats, with the help from the liberal media, will do and say anything to win votes and elections. To now somehow say that the events in Wisconsin are for the Democrats providing a galvanizing energy like the events during the healthcare debate did for Republicans is just more ridiculous spin. The media will take up the battle cry and do everything in their power to help fan the flames of this issue, to create a false villain to demonize and use to get voters agitated and on their side.

Click here for article - "Democrats See Wisconsin Loss as Galvanizing"

This would be laughable if it weren't so effective. The media has considerable power to influence not just public opinion, but even more importantly, public perception. They have taken an important issue that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has addressed, twisted it into a national human rights injustice and will now beat that drum every day. And sadly, it will work.

Republicans and Conservatives need to not just win, but to win by a considerable margin to neutralize the exaggerated affect the media has on public perception. Like a sporting event that the officials are clearly calling in favor of one team. You can't just be a little better, you have to beat the team as well as the officials. This is what the liberal media has become to the detriment of Republicans, Conservatives, American culture and our history. Everybody except the radicals is losing in this environment.

Perhaps one day the majority will ignore the media, get organized, win majorities and do the right thing with the liberals and their complicit media kicking and screaming the whole way. Who cares what they think or say, everyone that opposes them will be demonized anyway, and a certain amount of useful idiots that don't know any better will continue to believe the lies and distortions. Just do the right thing and let them scream.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bill Clinton Calls Obama's Drilling Delays "Ridiculous"

There must be a political angle here, for Bill Clinton to criticize Obama's domestic oil drilling policy. Maybe he's paving the way for Hillary to run against him next year. Hard to imagine, but I suppose anything is possible, after Bill Clinton just said that we need to be more agressive about our domestic oil policies. Environmentalists, what's your take on this? Anything?

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Do You Know Who is Leading the NFL Players in the Strike?

For those that may be following the NFL players strike, below is a short bio on their executive director, DeMaurice Smith. I heard something on him when he was first elected that led me to believe he was trouble, Alinsky radical trouble. Here's all I need to know, from the article:

"Smith is an NFL outsider who has no labor law experience, but has ties to President Barack Obama and worked with new U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder."

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I may be jumping to conclusions, but if these guys have proven anything the last couple years it's that they are what we knew them to be and it didn't take much to figure that out. From what little I have seen and heard, Mr. Smith sounds like just another social justice, wealth redistribution, socialist thug. But I may be profiling a bit here.

Be sure to watch the negotiations through that prism to better understand what is going on as they attempt to reach any sort of compromise. It is going to get ugly because he will be making unreasonable demands and the NFL owners aren't about to be rolled by just another punk union thug.

Click here for article - NFL Talks Collapse

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Lashing Out - From Wisconsin to Capitol Hill Muslim Hearings

The liberals are in full swing these days as they try to adjust to the new reality, the one where they no longer have universal power over all of us to cram their radical agenda down our throats. From the hearings that Rep. King is moving forward with to the Wisconsin Capitol building being overrun and damaged to the tune of millions of dollars.

Just look at how they are acting at even the relatively small issues of the day. They absolutely freak out, so just wait until we get to the really big stuff. We will be looking at full scale, riots in the streets, tear gas type stuff. Oh, and people will probably get seriously injured. These people have little regard for any form of human life that is not in complete agreement with their twisted world views.

Click hear for article - Liberals condemn Muslim hearings on radicalization in the U.S.

And of course the media will be cheering them on all the way, champions of the little guy, the underdogs, the poor oppressed masses that are being victimized by these radical Republican evil-doers. Oh, it will be quiet the circus, and unfortunately public opinion will probably be influenced by their antics. Forget reality, this is all about perception, and the liberals have that part mastered.

Click here for article - Wisconsin lawmakers receive death threat letter

It is going to get rough between now and the next election, and beyond if true conservatives actually get elected and follow through with their promises, as Gov. Walker is doing right now.

Muzzammil Hassan Gets 25 to Life for Beheading Wife

Muslim honor killings right here in America.

Click here for recent article and video of sentencing

Click here for 2009 article of original crime

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrugging at Terror - The Timid Response of The Obama Administration

Obama, the Bower-in-Chief, is certainly proving to be even wimpier than Carter as he responds to growing threats abroad and even unprecedented terrorist attacks here at home (remember the Fort Hood massacre?).

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State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley actually compares the shooting of 2 American soldiers in Germany by a radical Muslim extremist - while screaming "Allah Ahkbar!" - to the recent shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.

How about his reaction to the slaughter of 4 innocent Christian missionaries in cold blood by Somali pirates last week? Hillary Clinton said the event left her "deeply saddened and very upset." Really? That's it, it made you sad?

The world's monsters are watching and must be salivating at Obama's weakness. We are not in good hands.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nikki Hailey: Wisconsin Democrats "Should Be Thrown Out of Office"

Nikki Hailey is correct, the Wisconsin Democrats are behaving like cowards. But, this is what liberals do when they don't get their way, they yell and scream and kick and run like scared little weasels for the nearest exit. You call that democracy?

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Of course those on the left spin the story as usual and will turn them into heroes standing up to the evil Republicans that only care about the rich.

Only the liberals get to dissent, to wave posters of Republicans with Hitler mustaches and call them names, to abandon their jobs and go into hiding. Somehow all of that is okay but the peaceful protests of the Tea Party - full of those racist, bigoted, homophobic rightwing extremists that Janet Napolitano is worried about - will erupt into a vicious cycle of violence. The drumbeat of hypocrisy beats on.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Story of Stuff Producer at it Again, Critique of Story of Citizens United Case

The propagandists are at it again, producing yet another rant about the evil of corporations. Annie Leanord, in the same style as "The Story of Stuff" video lectures on about how evil corporations are and how powerful they have become at the expense of the American People.

Her message is intended to convince viewers that the Citizens United case that allows corporations to contribute during elections is wrong and bad, and that everything these evil corporations do somehow works against the best interest of the people. She fails to mention anything about the power and influence that labor unions have over the election process, and how they spend hundreds of millions of dollars during elections assuring that their guy is elected.

This is just one more, one sided, ideological pitch to indoctrinate children into the anti-capitalsit world view that is running rampant in our culture these days.

Click here to go to the Story of Stuff website if you are not familiar with this issue. The original video has already been shown to children in schools across the country. This is not just an internet person attempting to promote their twisted worldview. She has traction and funding and is influencing young minds every day across the country.

And, as you can see here she has over 116,000 fans on Facebook.

Please pass this on to all of your friends!