Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grayson in Denial Over Loss, Dem. Strategist in Denial Over Why

The only thing that may be harder to watch than soon-to-be ex-Florida Rep. Alan Grayson as he bobs and weaves his way around the central question asked of him during this interview, is watching Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman try to explain why so many Democrats lost on Nov. 2nd.

Again and again they are sticking to the talking point that it was all about the economy. Not healthcare, not out of control wasteful spending, not Obama's destructive policies. This is the kind of madness we have come to expect from Democrats.

They are either in complete denial about the truth - they lost because of healthcare, out of control wasteful spending, Obama's destructive policies and jobs, or they think they can manipulate public perception using their tried and true Alinsky tactics - push a lie long enough and it becomes truth. It is most likely the latter, the Alinsky methods. What they are slow to realize is that in the new information age they no longer control the message and as a result this tired old tactic just doesn't have the legs it once had. Good for America, bad for radical Alinsky liberals.

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