Friday, October 8, 2010

You Think it’s Ugly Now, Just Wait Until After Nov. 2nd

That’s right, if you think the political conversation is ugly now, just wait until after the liberal/progressive radicals in Congress lose their majorities. They have spent the last nearly two years with enough Democratic votes to pass just about anything they wanted to. However, they have not only been slowed by the minority Republicans – who have stayed in near perfect lock-step in their opposition - but by Democrats that do not necessarily subscribe to the particular brand of radical socialist destruction that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have attempted to unleash on our country.

That has not stopped the radicals in charge from blaming the Republicans every time a piece of their radical legislation gets stopped. In fact, the only thing bi-partisan that we have seen from this Congress since Obama took office is the consistent bi-partisan OPPOSITION to Obama’s agenda. Those paying attention will know that every vote that has stopped Obama and his gang in their tracks has included all – or nearly all – Republicans, and a handful of Democrats. Now that’s bi-partisanship. So, in one sense Obama is correct, he has ushered in a new era of bi-partisanship. Who would have thought the Republicans and Democrats had so much they could agree on.

And correspondingly the primary source of support of Obama’s radical agenda from the Republican side of the aisle has been extremely isolated into the hands of a few select RINO’s – Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and the newcomer Scott Brown. Thanks for nothing guys, your days in Congress are hopefully numbered, at least with an “R” next to your name. You may want to follow the Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski political model and either switch sides or run as an Independent. The word is out, you are not Republicans, at least not the kind of Republicans that We The People are calling on to turn this train of radical liberalism around and restore some of the values and principles of traditional American culture.

With majorities in both houses and a very liberal President, for as much as the Democrats have accomplished, they have been cut far short of their goals, and for that they have been screaming that the Republicans are the party of “NO” since early in 2009 after ALL Republicans took a principled stand and voted against the $787 billion stimulus debacle. Nothing will stop the liberals from attacking conservatives and Republicans every time they are not 100% pacified. Like screaming, spoiled little brats, when they don’t get their way it is someone else’s fault. However, they made it clear that Republican input was not welcomed or wanted, so how could they expect bi-partisan support. They also made no effort to compromise on any of their radical legislation and yet they complain because the Republicans are not supporting their radical agenda. All just tricks to make the Republicans look bad, something liberals, with lots of help from the liberal media, are very good at.

So, with all this in mind, what does next year look like when Republicans actually have some power and can force the Democrats to the bargaining table? Have no illusions America, it is going to look ugly. As Obama announced yesterday in yet another one of his rabble-rouser, community agitator – I mean organizer – stump speeches, it is going to be “hand-to-hand” combat trying to get anything done. He is correct because now the Republicans can stop this radical agenda without much help from more moderate Democrats.

However, the full speed ahead, my way or the highway approach to the continued radical destruction of our country will continue to be the Democrats strategy. Obama will not move to the middle. And when Republicans say no, the Democrats are going to turn the vitriolic rhetoric into overdrive to try and get their way. The media of course will be playing right into it as well. They will be unrelenting in their continued attempts to discredit Republicans, to make them look like evil fat cats that don’t care about the poor little guy, and unfortunately it will have an effect. The liberal establishment – The Democratic Party, the liberal media and Hollywood – has amazing success at convincing the casual observer that what they are saying is actually true. Therein lies the problem and therein lies the heart of the solution. We will continue to play this back and forth game until enough of America wakes up to how incredibly dishonest the Democrats are and begin to see reality how it is, not how the liberal establishment machine portrays it every day to great success.

The Democrats are failing now because they are the ones with all the power and once some of this power is transferred over to the Republicans it will be used as a weapon against them. Just as it was from 2002 through 2006 during what I refer to as the execution of the “Pelosi Doctrine.” During this time period the Democrats were the party of “no.” They made it impossible for the Republicans to accomplish anything and then used that as ammo to attack them daily as ineffective, not able to attend to the very important needs of the poor folks. They pounded and pounded relentlessly at how incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt the evil Republicans were with all that power, and how they were only using it to further Wall Street and their corporate buddy’s interests. Remember?

Well, get ready, it’s coming back in January. Everything will be the Republicans fault because they are blocking every attempt to execute what will be described as necessary and important legislation to help us all get out of this horrible mess that George Bush and the Republicans put us into. They will paint a picture of how moderate and reasonable what they are trying to accomplish is and how radical and extreme the Republicans are being by not supporting them. They will paint a picture of how the radical extreme elements of the Tea Party have hijacked reasonable Republicans and are now preventing Congress from solving these terrible problems. They will explain that in the next election cycle of 2012 all you need to do is give them more power and they will be able to fix everything. That’s all, never mind that they have had full power for nearly two years and have nearly destroyed this country politically and economically, at home and around the world. Their destruction has been staggering to watch, yet it is the Republicans fault that they have not been able to “fix” things as promised.

These are dangerous people when given power. Dangerous because they do not follow basic rules of humanity that allow us to get along and work towards a common good. They play by rules that require constant lies, constant demonization of the opposition and for a good percentage of the voting population to not wake up to the reality of who they are and what they are really about. If the day should ever come that truth prevailed, these liberal/progressive radicals would never command more than 15 – 20 percent of the vote. If the other 30+ percent that consistently vote for them were to ever wake up and realize they are supporting radical communist revolutionaries that want nothing less than to destroy our culture, to destroy our free-market capitalist way of life, to destroy our prosperity and hand it out to undeserving constituents here at home and around the world, well perhaps they might think twice about it when they enter the voting booth.

Our problems will not be solved come January 2011, things are only going to get tougher. The radical establishment that has hijacked the Democratic Party will be around for awhile. However, it is a fight that needs to be fought. Nothing will change until there are enough Conservative Republicans with a spine to do what is right for this country, regardless of the maniacal backlash that will come from it. Think of the ridiculous lies and screams from the left when they are getting their way as they have been not just this last two years, but in one form or another for nearly 80 years. They have steadily been dragging this country further and further down the road to Big Government Socialism since the Great Depression. Yet they continue to scream at how unfair and radical the right is when they don’t get everything they ask for.

If Republicans can gain enough power, and if they are the right Republicans, and if they push to actually pull this country back towards the right, the yelling and screaming will be unlike anything we have witnessed to date. It may get violent, who knows, but it will be ugly. The thought of the radicals giving back even one inch of ground they have gained over the last hundred years is excruciating to them. Like an obsessed alcoholic who has been in denial for years and just had the bottle ripped from his hands, they will say and do things that we didn’t think possible. If we are lucky enough to get enough Republicans on board with actually correcting the problems created by the last hundred years of socialist policy, yes it is going to be uglier than anything we’ve seen up to now.

If the liberal establishment is screaming bloody murder, that should be our cue that we are moving in the right direction. For whatever reason, everything they believe in is diametrically opposed to everything this country stands for. This country must move in the direction that is exactly opposite of what they want to call progress.

Here is but a small sampling of the work to be done, the damage to be undone:

It is time to actually close the southern border, use troops if necessary and overwhelm the violent elements from Mexico with extreme force. It is time to demand that English be the only language for this country, and that if you want to celebrate Mexican culture and wave the Mexican flag in our faces, then go back and do it in Mexico, in America you are to celebrate how lucky you are to be American, not Mexican. In America there is to be only one dominant culture, one flag. It is time to cut-off ALL entitlements to illegal aliens and create an environment that makes them so uncomfortable that they will leave. The argument that you cannot deport 12 million people is yet another lie. Yes you can, it’s called enforcing the law, they will leave on their own.

It’s time to stop the ridiculous persecution of all expressions of Christianity in our culture. This country was founded on the belief that God has an important role in the culture and people of this country. Stop the political correctness and allow God back into our schools, courthouses and public places. Stop the ACLU’s radical assault on traditional American culture.

Get the radicals out of our public education system and stop the indoctrination of our children into a radical ideology and false or distorted history of this country.

Demand higher standards of conduct from the entertainment industry. Turn off the TV, and stop buying kids the trash that comes from the music industry. Block MTV in your homes and confront and reject anything that resembles the pollution coming from Hollywood. Parents are responsible for what their kids are exposed to and they are leaving it up to the culture at large to educate them. It used to take a village, now it takes the parents more than ever to teach their kids the traditional values that made this country great. They are getting a perverted education by taking too many of their cues from what is now a very liberal culture, and not enough from what is being taught around the dinner table each night. Teach them that they don’t deserve everything and that they are not entitled to anything. Teach them traditional American values of hard work, respect, honesty and integrity every chance you get. All totalitarian monsters throughout history understood that the pathway to power was through the kids. Indoctrinate, indoctrinate, indoctrinate.

Start protesting our nation’s media outlets and demand actual journalism. We get it, they are lying and we know it. Fire the liberals and hire actual reporters that will get to the bottom of ALL corruption and abuse of power on BOTH sides of the aisle and in Corporate America. This country needs a watchdog and it doesn’t have one. That must change! We are in an ideological battle against radical communists, start reporting it!

This is just the beginning of what will hopefully be a new direction for our country. This last 2 years has awakened a lot of people that perhaps took what was once the status quo for granted. They were asleep and their country was radically altered while they napped. Now it is up to this generation to fix things so future generations of God fearing, freedom loving Americans can enjoy the kind of freedom and prosperity that so many took for granted. Be prepared to be called names, to be attacked, to be mocked, to be bullied and intimidated if you speak this truth. It is coming and Americans need to take the fight to this radical enemy, they have been hiding in plain sight for decades. Now that they have been exposed let’s get down to it and see what can be accomplished.

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  1. I like the way you think. This is an excellent article. I have no illusions, except that we will have a battle on our hands, every day for the rest of our lives. Progressives will stop at nothing in their quest for power. Complacent Americans need to wake up, and prepare for worse. Unfortunately, it's coming...