Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberals Gone Wild - Anger and Violence Caught on Video

Here is a quick video refresher on what this country is up against when dealing with liberals. This list may only scratch the surface, but it gives a pretty good indication of the hostility and hatred that is part of the liberal culture and their behavior.

The videos below each contain extreme language, anger and sometimes physical violence. All by the left in their continued efforts to silence all dissent. The age of freedom of speech and tolerance is over, if it ever really existed. These were words used to allow the left to gain a stronghold in our culture and politics. Now that they feel they have enough power, they are no longer interested in your rights as a citizen of this country. Unless of course you are supporting their radical agenda.

Watch at your leisure, it's a lot to take in:

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  1. Democrats are very violent idiots!!!