Monday, October 4, 2010

The Illusion of Moderation

In today’s political environment, the choices are as clear as ever. If you are well informed then you understand that you either stand for free market Capitalism or you stand for Socialism. To claim a position somewhere in the middle of that, and to vote one way in one election and another way in the next election, is to be unaware of exactly what it is you are voting for.

There are no longer reasonable ideas coming out of both sides that with some cooperation and determination can yield positive results for America. No, there are Socialist and Communist ideas coming from the left, and there are free market, Capitalist ideas coming from the right. The idea that a compromise between the two will somehow provide this country with a partial solution that is effective is false. Any and all compromises with the left only determine the pace at which we are heading towards Socialism. That is the fact and reality of our history the last 60 – 80 years.

The final, undisputable truth of what the Democratic Party has become should be more evident than ever after this weekend’s rally in our Nation’s capital. Every radical group that now comprises the Democratic Party was on display for the world to see. The masks are off and they have been emboldened to come out of hiding. They think they have critical mass and can now move forward out in the open. The Communist Party, Social Democrats of America, the labor unions and their radical socialist agenda, La Raza, you name it, they were all there. The Democratic Party is not the party it once was. It has been hijacked by the radicals, the socialists and communists and they are using it as their weapon against freedom and the America that we know to be worth fighting for and saving. Now that they are out in the open America can decide what it wants to be and recognize that every vote cast represents one set of ideas or the other. There is no such thing as a moderate solution.

As a result, today’s’ political battles will unfortunately have to look how the last 18 months have looked. One side, with enough of a majority to execute its agenda, will use that power to impose its will on the other side. Since Obama took office he and Congress have imposed radical legislation on this country time and again, pushing us rapidly down the road to Socialism. They did not compromise and they did not care that the majority of Americans adamantly disagree with this legislation. No matter to them, they won the political debate during the elections and took their mandate for all it was worth to impose what Americans are hopefully waking up to realize – Socialism. This is who they are and what they want this country to be. There is no debate, these are facts.

The goal now for the right is to use this precedent to save this country from the radical path it is on. If the Republican Party wins Congressional majorities in November it must impose its will and stop the radicals in their tracks. They will not be able to change much, but they can at least stop further destruction and neutralize the democrats until 2012. Then in 2012, if the Republican nominee wins the Presidency and Obama is fired, they must use their majorities and impose the principles and government that the Tea Party has stood for this last 2 years – without compromise.

When and if this occurs there will be maniacal screams from the left. The media will bang their drums for them so that it will sound louder than it is. It will look and sound like our country is being ripped to shreds. The left will scream bloody murder and the media will help. They will use the international community to try and bully the Republicans back in their desired direction. The radicals will condemn and accuse the Republicans of the most horrific of offenses. They will scream tyranny, oppression, bigotry, racism, fascism and murderous rage will be unleashed if the Republicans actually do what is necessary to save this country. However, the Republican establishment must press forward with their agenda, not compromising, not backing down. If the liberal establishment is wailing like stuck pigs that means Republicans are finally doing something right. The only time the left is not screaming is when this country is lurching towards their socialist utopia.

The liberal/progressive establishment will panic and that will drive them to expose how truly radical they are. They will have no choice because they will be witnessing their hundred year stealth march through this country being exposed and dismantled. They have fought long and hard to gain their power and they will not let it go easily. But they can only be silenced if enough of America, especially the willfully blind in the middle, wake up and see what is really going on. Disillusioned Republicans that now claim to be Independent need to get involved and be part of the Party and help make it what they think it should be, not stand on the sidelines and claim some phony “independent” status. That is no solution, get involved or stop complaining. Same for the Democrats, your Party has been hijacked, get involved and help reclaim it. Then and only then, once the radicals are no longer in charge and once they have been reduced to the fringe group that they are, can we begin a political dialogue again. Not before.

So, yes the middle is the answer. But not as it is portrayed today, as a legitimate group to cater to, to moderate ones beliefs and positions so as to not scare them off. No, exactly the opposite must be done. The middle needs to be awakened from their illusion that a political “middle” exists and they must pick a side. As they are right now, they are a destructive element in the political debate, sometimes helping Republicans and sometimes helping Democrats. As a result of their actions, this country has been either moving rapidly towards Socialism or slowly towards Socialism, depending on how they have voted. This has to stop. They have to wake up and realize what their vote is being used for. The moderate, well intentioned voter in the middle, helped Barack Obama implement the most radical, Socialist agenda this country has ever seen. What does that make the moderate? In this case, he is no more than a radical communist revolutionary because that is who he elected. There are only two choices America, time to get off the fence and take a stand. You already have in a defacto manner, now it’s time to own your position and use it to empower whichever side it is that you come down on. There can be no middle in this fight. You stand either for radical communist revolutionaries that now control the Democratic Party, or you stand for free market Capitalism and small government that the Tea Party is helping the Republican Party rediscover.

The choice seems pretty clear America, continue with the status quo, continue to ignore the political facts as is evident for all of America to see - the Democratic Party is all about Socialism and Communism, and nothing short of that, and continue to allow those same radicals to make a complete mess of our country as they demonstrated their propensity to do this weekend when they converged on our National Mall in Washington DC and left it a complete mess.

Or, recognize the fact that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism or worse, and either choose that side, or join the growing number of Americans that have recognized the battle and taken their position on the side of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as our Founding Fathers intended. America was not intended to be, nor did it achieve any measure of its greatness by being, in any way a Socialist or Communist controlled, Big Government country. That is the fight, nothing short, nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. Forget OBama being Socialist, It is plain Marxist doctrines he is embracing. We call it socialism but it is a slippery slope. Taking over student loan business in the Health care bill is more dangerous then the whole bill itself. This can lead to indoctrination and directing where students can go based on loans as the carrot on a stick!! We must confront this